Friday, October 31, 2008

Short Short Sem

Short sem really is short. Seems like it was just a while ago that i was preparing for last sem's exam, and now this sem's exam is already over, time really flies (cliche cliche...).

After the Iranian Rambo encounter, i have been 'camping' in the library to do last minute revision. There was too much distraction at home to stay focused and i admit i lack discipline in my studies, unlike someone (you know who you are.... hehe. And thanks for highlighting the 'important' points in my notes for me....).

See... all the important terms are highlighted, so colorful...

So now after 2 days of exam sitting for 2 subjects (told you this was a short sem), i can put throw away my lecture notes and start working towards my goal... cash up to get my own marker!! No no no, i take that back, i shouldn't throw away the notes since they're decorated so beautifully. Should keep them as souvenirs... LOL!

For those who still have yet to complete their exam, good luck to you and don't forget to put in your best effort!!

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