Saturday, October 18, 2008

18th Oct

"Barrel Sock ON!!"

That was what i was shouting most of the day... This was my first day looking after the field, first to arrive and last to leave.

Two batches came to play today. The first was in the morning, a gang of youngsters, most of them playing for the first time. The second batch was in the evening, a group of adults playing for fun. Those guys in the second batch were using their own high-end e-markers, and they aren't even playing for tournaments! There was one limited edition PM8 Mimosa, one limited edition carbon-finish Etek2, one PM6, and another i don't recognize the model. Cannot TAHAN!!!

PM8 Mimosa. Nice...

Not much training today. Played a few games with the regulars. One of the game was actually not bad, now i know the benefits of playing crossovers, shot out one guy without him even spotting me, woohoo!! (but then i did a wrong move after that and got shot until my left arm became numbed)

Other than that was mostly running around ref-fing games. Oh, and one more thing... i superman-dived with gun i hand for the first time! And it worked out well! :0

Haven't eaten anything but a few buns the whole day, was seriously hungry. Got back home at 8 and guess what... mom made something out of the ordinary for dinner!! :)

Notes to self:
  • Do not have doubts when sliding or diving, JUST DO IT!!
  • Gun should be up as soon as possible after doing a slide or dive.
  • Tuck in arm when snap shooting.
  • Do not over-inflate the bunkers.

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