Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak Peek - The Nano50

Saw these pictures on and PBNation.

It's no surprise that G.I. MilSim named it Nano50. It looks really small, and according to, it only weights 1.64lbs (743.89 grams). That is really really light...

Check out these videos. They're a bit crappy, but you can see from the first vid that the paint mark is just as big as a 68cal paintball.

Quote from PBNation:

The GI NANO50 is the smallest and lightest tournament marker available. The NANO50 is a spool valve marker with unsurpassed firing rate and accuracy, while both quiet and soft on paint. Hose-less grip integrated streamlined design helps shave ounces off the weight.

  • All metal construction
  • No External Hose Design – the regulator is built into the Grip Frame
  • Wired eyes with screw mount covers for easy assembly
  • Caliber: .50cal
  • Joules: 5.1
  • Length: 8.4″
  • Weight: 1.64 lbs
  • Operating System: Multi Mode / Elctropneumatic Spool Valve
  • Operating Pressure: 140-160 psi
  • Anti Chop system: Barrel Break Vision Eyes
  • Max rate of fire: 30+ BPS
  • Control Functions: programmable Chameleon L.E.D.

Air consumption from a 48/3000psi compresed air tank:

  • Nano50 (50cal) = 1540 shots
  • Rail (68cal) = 425 shots
  • Invert Mini (68cal)= 564 shots
Colors available are Black, Olive, Blue and Red

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

.50 or .68

The new TechPB homepage is online! And this time it looks more professionally done. Good job.

Let's get back to the topic.

The paintball world is on the brink of change now. Richmond Italia (the inventor of X-ball and former CEO of Procaps) has teamed up with Adam Gardner and Bill Gardner (marker designers at Smart Parts) to bring paintball to a new era, by embracing the .50 caliber. With the new bore size, they believe that everything from material costs to packaging costs to freight costs, will be made cheaper, therefore making paintball more affordable. They hope to revolutionize the sport and bring in "Paintball 2.0".

Richmond's new company, G.I. MilSim, has already collaborated with Smart Parts to produce some promising new equipment. Take a look below.

The question now is, will they succeed in reviving the sport? Or will they deteriorate the situation even more. I believe their idea is feasible.

Paintball started from the humble Nelspot pump pistol, then came the blow-back semi-automatic, after that the electronic, the .50 caliber could be the next big thing. People shouldn't fear new technology, they should embrace it.

There are a lot of debating in paintball forums over this matter. Most people who are against the idea are mostly afraid of their expensive .68 gear becoming obsolete. I say this fear is illogical. It's like saying once you bought a car you'll want to drive the same car for the rest of your life, even if a better, more advanced car came into the market. Or saying you want to keep using the same mobile phone for the rest of your life because you've already spent money to buy it.

These narrow-minded people want to see the paintball grow into something big, yet they don't welcome a change that might benefit the sport.

A few big names in paintball are already following the revolution and coming out with .68 to .50 conversion kits. Take Planet Eclipse for example, they are already making their Ego line of markers to be compatible with the new bore size. Dye is also not far behind and are working on converting their Rotor to fit the .50.

Not only are paintball companies supporting the idea, seasoned pro players like Chris Lasoya is also optimistic about the change. Watch what he has to say in the video below.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WCA 2009 Field Layout

The World Cup Asia 2009 field layout has been released. This year all divisions will use the same layout. Click on the images for a larger view.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm currently doing my internship. The company i work in treats their employees very well, so well that each of us get RM75 every month as food allowance at the canteen! I'm so glad we're given such nice treatment.

The food at the canteen has so many choices, we have the same 10 to 20 dishes every single day of the week! Yupe you read that right, 10 to 20 choices!! The cashiers are also very nice to us, sometimes when his/her mood is good, we'll get cheaper prices. The only downside is that we have to put up with the bad moods as well. This results in us being charged with difference prices everytime. Not a bad thing considering we still get to enjoy the 'good moods'. I really shouldn't be complaining.

That is not all. The best part is, 2 of my colleagues were given extra ingredients for their rice yesterday! Wow, I guess the canteen staffs were really in a 'good mood'. Just look at the pictures below, such delicious and mouth watering ingredients, they really work up your appetite don't they.

Chicken feather....

... and don't-know-what-animal's hair

I really cannot express my gratitude enough, to be given the chance to have my daily meal at this canteen for the next 3 months! OMG.... Thank you!!