Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak Peek - The Nano50

Saw these pictures on and PBNation.

It's no surprise that G.I. MilSim named it Nano50. It looks really small, and according to, it only weights 1.64lbs (743.89 grams). That is really really light...

Check out these videos. They're a bit crappy, but you can see from the first vid that the paint mark is just as big as a 68cal paintball.

Quote from PBNation:

The GI NANO50 is the smallest and lightest tournament marker available. The NANO50 is a spool valve marker with unsurpassed firing rate and accuracy, while both quiet and soft on paint. Hose-less grip integrated streamlined design helps shave ounces off the weight.

  • All metal construction
  • No External Hose Design – the regulator is built into the Grip Frame
  • Wired eyes with screw mount covers for easy assembly
  • Caliber: .50cal
  • Joules: 5.1
  • Length: 8.4″
  • Weight: 1.64 lbs
  • Operating System: Multi Mode / Elctropneumatic Spool Valve
  • Operating Pressure: 140-160 psi
  • Anti Chop system: Barrel Break Vision Eyes
  • Max rate of fire: 30+ BPS
  • Control Functions: programmable Chameleon L.E.D.

Air consumption from a 48/3000psi compresed air tank:

  • Nano50 (50cal) = 1540 shots
  • Rail (68cal) = 425 shots
  • Invert Mini (68cal)= 564 shots
Colors available are Black, Olive, Blue and Red

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