Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playing With Reballs: Update

A while ago I wrote about a reball training session here in Penang (click here to read). This is an update to that post.

The place is a footsal arena, complete with benches and toilets.
Food and drinks are also easily accessible as the place is located inside a food court.

There is one condition though, spiked cleats are not allow on the field. Only flat-sole shoes are allowed. 

The address is:
Baru Maung Jalang Baru Foot Court / BB Futsal
No. 351, Jalan Baru,
Baru Maung,
11960 Bayan Lepas,

Approximately 5°17'38.48"N, 100°16'45.59"E on Google Map, right next to SJK(C) Wen Khai.

The field setup is almost done, here are some pictures to get you guys excited. For more details or to join, please contact Ming Wei at 012-4993499.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bob Long Ripper Victory

OMG!! Look at this marker!

Bob Long came out with the limited edition "Ripper" Victory, with over-the-top milling. According to, the time it takes to do the milling on one marker is nearly 3 hours. Priced at US$1500 each, these markers don't come cheap.

The styling is really sick, but there's a drawback IMHO. Playing in muddy conditions with the Ripper would be a pain in the ass to clean up later. Imagine all the mud sticking on to the cut-out, especially after it has dried up, yucks...

Regardless, limited edition markers are always nice to have if you can afford it. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playing With Reballs: Are You Interested?

Hello everyone. A fellow paintballer from Penang has gotten together a bunch of people to train using reballs. Everything is ready to go (venue, bunkers, netting, blower, reballs), all that is left now is looking for kaki, people to join in the fun. (you can't play paintball alone, can you...)

It will going to be cheaper in the long run for tournament players to train using reballs. The reball sessions are mostly private, but everyone is welcomed, just contact the person in charge and get an invitation from him.

For more info, contact MingWei at 012-4993499.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Energizer Night Strike

Have you gotten bored with paintball lately? (Well you shouldn't because it's one of the most exciting games out there!!) Are you looking for something fresh and out-of-the-ordinary in paintball? Look no further because the Energizer Night Strike is here!

Energizer Malaysia is organizing a speedball style paintball tournament. What's special is that it will be played at night, "completely in the dark with only UV-lighting and glow-in-the-dark paintballs." The tournament will be held over a few weekends in January 2011, with the finals at the end of the month.

I'm not sure if players will be wearing glowing jerseys while playing, but if they do, imagine Tron 2.0: Paintball Edition, it will surely be out-of-the-ordinary. For more details, visit their facebook page here.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bob Long G6R Pics

First a drawing was leaked on the internet, then they say it will be released to the public in the end of June 2010. The release date was then delayed until the last week of July. Then some PbNationers called up Bob Long and was told they are waiting for the boards to come in, and will have to wait until August. A while later, they changed the date to early September. After so many delays and false release dates, real pictures of the G6R are finally released. Keep in mind that these are only photos, no one saw the real markers yet.

Zach Long wrote in Facebook that it's capable of shooting 2400 shots per tank, didn't mentioned what size tank though. The operating pressure is also low, again didn't mentioned how low.

The leaked drawing.
Even though the drawing looks exactly like the real marker, Bob Long still denied that it was the G6R back then. What were they trying to hide?

Only 1 pound 13 ounces!! (that's 0.82kg)

The lever is very short...

Bob Long's body is thin!! (the marker i mean...) 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Penang Paintball Forum

The Penang Paintball Forum is now online and ready for use.
Go to and click on the 'forum' link at the top to access the forum, or click here to go to the forum directly.

The forum is still new and a bit empty, but feel free to post anything you like, given they are relevant topics. If you have any comments about the site, leave your feedback in the 'Questions & Feedback' section, they are greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to spread the word and let every paintballer (and non-paintballers alike) know!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Virtue Crown Rain Lid

What do you do if it rains and you have a virtue crown on? Switch back to you stock lid! But what if you do not have the time to do so? Get the virtue crown rain lid! “A virtue what?!?!”. Check out the video below.

Virtue came out with a lid that covers your hopper when it rains. It sits on the crown adapter and replaces the rubber feed gate. You do not have to disassemble your whole loader just to put in a regular lid, allowing you to get back on the field much faster.

But what if you do not even have the time to replace your rubber feed gate? Then I guess you’ll have to play with soaking wet balls…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FYP done!!

Finally, my final year project is done!! :)

Degree life is almost ending, all that are left are two more assignments and two exam papers. Half a month more and college's over!!

We have to pass up 3 hard-cover copies of the same report!

BTW, what do you guys think of an E&E engineering degree student studying for a computing related master's degree? I'm thinking it'll be good to gain another set of skills other than what i studied for my degree. But people say getting a master's degree is about specialization. In other words, it's suppose to go 'deeper' into a specialized field, rather than going 'wider' and learn more of other stuff.

So what is your opinion? Would it be a good thing to do? Or would it be just a waste of time...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marker+Loader+Tank For Sale SOLD

Due to my elbow injury, I'm stopping paintball for some time. As such, I'm selling some of my gears below. I played mostly front and have put my gears through rough playing conditions. Despite the wear and tear, they have worked fine for me all these while.

Proto 2008 PMR Se (SOLD)
RM800 RM750

  • Upgraded with DM series clamping feedneck, everything else is stock. 
  • Marker has scratches on reg and left side of body. 
  • Current battery harness is loose due to wear and tear. Will include a new battery harness.
  • 14" 2-piece stock barrel. Has minor scratch inside back piece.
  • Comes with manual, lube, barrel sock and other miscellaneous parts.

Vlocity Select Force (SOLD)
RM300 RM250

  • Dual-colored shell. Half red half blue.
  • Feedneck has visible cracks, but still solid.
  • Comes with additional parts and shells, including tray/feedneck and lid.

Dye Throttle 70ci/4500psi (SOLD)

  • Year 2006.
  • Stock Dye regulator.
  • Comes with Rhino tank cover and aluminum nipple cover.
  • Minor scratches on reg body.

COD preferred. All items are in Penang. But both marker and loader for a special price of RM900.
Interested buyers please contact me below:
Email :
Phone : 016-4095167 (sms only please, calls are inconvenient as I'm in class most of the time.)

Long time no write

Hi everyone, it's been quite some time since the last time I posted anything here. It's been so long I think some followers had already removed my blog from their to-follow list.

Back at the end of April, I dislocated my elbow while playing paintball. My elbow was wrapped in POP for one month. Since then I haven't been doing much on this blog. I haven't been playing any paintball also, and will not be returning to the field for quite some time. My elbow is a lot better now, but still unable to lift heavy stuff.

The good news is, I'm going to finish college in 2 months!! :)
My final year project is almost done. It's not the best project, but still, it's almost done!! One less thing to worry about soon...

Oh, and check out the new It's got a new look with a new frontpage! Keep in mind that the new site is still under construction, and the forum is not ready to use yet. Leave a comment on what you think of the site's layout.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GSC showing obscene movie?

First movie on the list...

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Looks - Angel Eye recently released insider photos of the new mask by WDP, the company behind the Angel Paintball Sports brand. Called "Angel Eye", the mask is said to have two lenses, one for each eye. It will also have some sort of 'communication device' installed into the mouth piece.

But of course, none of these information can be confirmed until the actual mask is available.

My first thought when seeing the mask - "is this alien technology?".

Seriously, it looks unreal, like something from an alien movie. Everything on this mask (based on the picture, if it is real) is far from ordinary. The lens seems to extend all the way back to cover the ears. The mouth piece looks like some kind of breathing apparatus. Maybe it's because of the 'communication device', players do not have to shout anymore so they design it without any apparent venting holes on the front? Who knows. Maybe they even design the 'communication device' to make players sound like Darth Vader? HORRRR..... But is this really works, it will definitely take teamwork and communication to the next level.

The nose area also looks different. The lens is extended down to cover the nose too, with a hole in the middle of the foam to let your nose see some sunshine. With the nose breathing directly into the lens area, they must have some serious anti-fog technology.

The Angel Eye is said to debut this weekend at the USPL Surf City Open. Until then, no one knows for sure if this is the real deal. Remember the rumor about the mask that enables the wearer to see behind them?(link) Turned out to be fake.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Looks - Planet Eclipse Geo 2

When Planet Eclipse came out with the Ego10, people have been wondering if there will be a Geo2. paintball forums all over the world had people talking about it, some believed there will be a new Geo, but some were sceptical.

Until recently, Planet Eclipse released a picture of the Geo2 on their blog. Looks like there will be a Geo2 after all.

And then during PSP Phoenix, SK Moscow, a Planet Eclipse sponsored team from Europe, was seen shooting the Geo2 (probably a prototype version).

SK Moscow shooting the Geo2 in Phoenix

A few days after Phoenix, a few leaked pictures surfaced on the internet, which gave us the first real look at the new marker. (The first pic is rendered, while the one in Phoenix is not very clear...)

Judging from the last few pics, i think the original Geo looks better. The body of the Geo2 looks too 'tube-like' (i don't know how else to put it...)

The original Geo, Planet Eclipse's first spool valve marker.

Planet Eclipse has not release any technical information yet, but i expect to see some major improvements over the Geo1 since they are releasing it only a month after the Geo+ (which is a Geo1 with GST kit installed).

MSRP is US$1250. Some say performance of the Geo2 will rival the Dye NT (US$1549.95). If this is true, then it will surely be more popular then the NT because of the price difference.

We'll just have to wait till May...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IPC March 2010 Game Day

Inti Paintball Club will be having a game day on the 27th of March at the Mapaac Penang field. Everyone is welcomed to play, but do register first.

Special price to those who register early!!

Register before the 19th of March:
  • RM30 (Inti Penang staffs and students)
  • RM35 (Non Inti Penang staffs and students)
Register after the 19th of March:
  • RM35 (Inti Penang staffs and students)
  • RM40 (Non Inti Penang staffs and students)
For more info, please visit the Facebook page below.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Wants To Be A YouTubillionaire 2

Everyone should check out the video below. What is it about? It's an interactive YouTube video!!
How can a YouTube video be interactive you ask? Watch the video and you'll know...

Be sure not to skip ahead any videos or it'll be no fun...

Friday, March 12, 2010

50cal Victory

Bob Long with the 50cal version Marq Victory!!

I think he has a point. 50cal would definitely be the paint of choice for those casual players, kids, females, and newbies. If i have a child I definitely wouldn't want him/her to get shot by a 68cal, those things can be really painful.

50cal for recreational, 68cal for tournament.

I think what's important in making this a success is:
  1. Manufacturers must make available cheap and reliable conversion kits. Not just for poppets but also for spoolies.
  2. Availability of 50cal loaders!! The most advanced marker in the world would also be useless without a good loading system.
  3. Support from field operators.
Do you think any fields in Malaysia would be willing to use 50cal anytime soon?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEH Webisodes

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!! It's been a while since the last post, was occupied with all the CNY stuff. I've been eating lots of different kinds of food, now having a sore throat liao.

Before the CNY, I saw this video on YouTube about the New England Hurricanes (NEH). They've disbanded the team and started again from scratch recruiting fresh talents. It is a documentary on the new NEH, presented in a series of webisodes. It must be a blast for the participants, having the pros watch them play and spotting their talent...

It's really good for the team to show the public how a pro team is formed and run. Another eye-opener is the snow and cold weather. I've never seen people playing speedball in the winter, it's so cold you can see their breath!

For now, only the first episode is made. So subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sly's New Paintball Mask

Among all the paintball masks i've tried on, only two are comfortable for me. They are the VForce Profiler (which i'm currently using, and harder to find now) and the Dye i4.

Seeing that there're so many masks available in the market, yet only two fit me well, i was hoping that more manufacturers will come out with their own mask (Planet Eclipse for example). That way i'll have more options if i ever want to change a new mask. There were talks that VForce will be coming out with a new mask, but so far it seems that they are only rumors.

Then, just this morning, i read Seburo's blog and saw the new Sly Profit mask. From the pictures, the shape of the lens is pretty similar to the i4, even the quick change system looks the same. The nose bridge area also seems to be higher than other masks, which is one of the reason why i like my Profiler so much. I prefer to have to foam at the nose area sitting higher up near the eyes, providing a larger space for the nose. I hate the feeling of foam pressing against my nose.

Werdna Hol is the official distributor of Sly Equipment in this part of the world. I've checked their website for pricing but found none. From, they're selling at the same price as the i3 pro.

Hopefully the Sly Profit mask will be as comfortable as the i4, but with more protection.

Some features of the mask:
  • Integrated double strap for goggle angle adjustment and maximum retention.
  • Durable and stylish nylon frame with co-molded soft TPR lower jaw for maximum protection while maintaining bounce potential.
  • Molded TPR vents for optimum heat dissipation and sound penetration.
  • Lightning fast, patent-pending lens retention system. Fastest lens changes in the industry.
  • NEW 3M-Engineered sealed thermal gasket system. This new impenetrable white thermal seal offers the ultimate seal against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.
  • Velvet lined, soft cell foam atop molded impact absorbent SBR foam earpieces for that soft-ear bounce with pillow-like comfort. These earpieces muffle your own screaming and allow for superb directional hearing.
      • Every SLY PROFIT Goggle System comes equipped from the factory with a thermal sealed, gradient lens, fading from a deep, rich smoke to crystal clear. This offers optimal shading from glare, UV, and infrared light at a distance, with crystal clear up close, downward vision for those tiny gun LCDs or your game timer.
      • Industry-first gradient mirrored lens available, for those bright, eye squinting summer practices where you still need to see up close.