Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bob Long G6R Pics

First a drawing was leaked on the internet, then they say it will be released to the public in the end of June 2010. The release date was then delayed until the last week of July. Then some PbNationers called up Bob Long and was told they are waiting for the boards to come in, and will have to wait until August. A while later, they changed the date to early September. After so many delays and false release dates, real pictures of the G6R are finally released. Keep in mind that these are only photos, no one saw the real markers yet.

Zach Long wrote in Facebook that it's capable of shooting 2400 shots per tank, didn't mentioned what size tank though. The operating pressure is also low, again didn't mentioned how low.

The leaked drawing.
Even though the drawing looks exactly like the real marker, Bob Long still denied that it was the G6R back then. What were they trying to hide?

Only 1 pound 13 ounces!! (that's 0.82kg)

The lever is very short...

Bob Long's body is thin!! (the marker i mean...) 


Fraser said...

That gun looks great! would you recommend it? right now im using a dp fusion fx, should I get a g6r or is there any gun that you would recommend getting instead?

gasjatt said...

Any marker that can shoot and doesn't break down on you is good enough.
I used to think a high-end marker will give a player the edge, but after playing a while i realized that it's more on the player and not so much on the marker.
If you ask me, i would say keep your Fusion if there're no problems with the marker...