Friday, November 28, 2008

The Part-Timers!!

hohoho... look what i saw in The Star today.

Why they do a story on that? Newspapers nowadays are running our of story? A bit wuliao i would say...

Looks like Black is the IN thing.....

P.S. - Don't worry 'Danielle', my blog doesn't have a lot of visitors, so won't see your face... :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


"A Paint Sucker"

Tried out my marker on the field last weekend, and boy does an e-marker eat paint... i was using more paint than i expected.

At first the 70ci tank felt too big and was hitting the bottom of my mask when holding it up. But now i've adjusted holding the marker and don't hit myself that often in the mask anymore. I still haven't really got used to shooting this marker, but other than that, it shoots great. Everything on the marker does their job well - the eyes, the reg, the trigger - although not the most advanced, they still do what they are designed to do without much hick-ups.

The Hyper2 regulator works extremely well. Shoots consistently in the 280-290 region, with +/- 6 over the chronograph. Kudos to Dye/Proto for their regulators...

In my own preference, the trigger sticks out a little too much. I personally prefer lighter triggers that sits further back towards the grip frame, like those Ultralite triggers. But for the price of the marker, i can't ask for too much... With a little bit of tweaking, they fell better to walk.

The ASA has no on/off. This is not a problem, i can live without one. But when i screw in the tank, they tend to move a bit from side to side, even after tightening the screw all the way in... Not sure if all PMR SE have this problem or just mine. (Maybe i can use some white tape on the rail and see how it goes.... will try that later)

The wires on the board are a bit fragile. The battery is connected to the board via two thin wires. Extra care needs to be taken when removing the battery, or else those wires might easily get stripped off.

Another thing about second hand markers are the wear and tear. I've noticed a little dent on the grip frame, the spot where the screw on the trigger hits. To prevent the dent from getting any worse, i've stick a piece of aluminum plate over it. Besides protecting the grip frame, the aluminium plate actually makes walking the trigger even better!

Aluminium plate installation... have to take everything apart

Construction complete...

A closer look...

And finally, the manual. Dye/Proto is a well respected paintball company, and i'm sure a lot has gone in to the design and manufacturing of their products. I just don't understand why their manuals are so misleading. Sure they are colorful and full of illustrations, but please get the details correct... The marker comes with 4 firing modes (Semi, PSP, Millennium NXL), but the manual only states 3 (Semi, PSP, Millennium). Plus, the o-rings stated in the manual are actually of the wrong size!! I have to manually test each o-ring on the bolt to see which one goes where, real lousy manual...

So colorful... but numbers all wrong

Overall, the marker doesn't dissapoint. A reasonable performer with a reasonable price tag. With a little bit of tweaking and upgrades, the PMR might even go up against higher-end markers! Highly recommended for the budget baller.

I've got a small tourney coming up this weekend. Lets see how far this baby can take me...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got my marker liao!!!

Hohoho!! Finally!!! My last piece of paintball equipment!! (not the last actually, still have no jersey, but that's a small matter...)

Got this great offer for a used PMR SE. The marker looks like new, except for a few minor scratches. It comes with all the standard features, but with a Q-lock clamping feedneck, the same one that comes stock with the DM8. My only complain is that the battery will move around in the grip when you shake the gun, but that can be easily fixed by inserting a piece of rubber in the grip to fill any empty spaces in that compartment. Also bought the tank from the previous owner, a 70/4500 Dye Throttle.

Besides the marker, i also got something new, gold mirror lens for my mask from World Cup Asia!! HOHOHO... Thank you captain, for buying for me.

From this .................................... to this

And also a Dye Nautilus marker bag, real nice... can carry my marker with all the parts, free from dirt and scratches.

Shoot Those Guns!!

YouTube is a place where you'll never run out of interesting stuff to see online. I searched for a trailer for Call Of Duty 4, and ended up with these videos... take a look.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dye i4 vid with Billy Wing

Dye just released a video on their youtube channel, with Billy Wing talking about the new i4.

I've personally tried on the i4, and i must admit that the comfort level is amazing. It felt light and comfortable. It really is tight and has a low profile as claimed by Billy, viewing angle is also superb.

But one thing i really don't like about the i4, the jaw is totally exposed, and I don't even have a really large face. Imagine what kind of protection those people with large jaws will be able to get. And if they're shouting, which in turn will lower their jaw line, i think they might actually expose their mouth. Getting shot right in the mouth is and teeth will be super super painfull, not to mention the disgusting taste of paint fill.

Do people really want to sacrifice protection for slightly tighter and lower profile? I'd still go with an i3 Pro or my VForce anytime. I wonder if Billy really mean it when he said he like the mask, or is it because he is a Dye sponsored player...

MacBook Aluminum

"Switch, are you still on Windows?"

The long awaited new MacBook Aluminum demo unit finally arrived!! And what a transformation the MacBook has gone through.

From the white plastic shell MacBook....... the new aluminum, glossy screen MacBook!

First thing i noticed is the brighter display, the colors are simply brilliant, a far cry from the previous generation. Besides having a shorter warm-up time, the display now comes with a hard shell. Unlike traditional LCD displays which can change color when you press on them, the MacBook now has a CRT-like solid screen surface.

The whole laptop is milled from a single piece of aluminum, and fitted with an auto-adjustable display and a back-lit keyboard. In dark areas, the display's brightness will dim and the back-lit keyboard will glow in white. A very nice feature that adds a touch of class.

The second significant difference is the TrackPad. They're now larger and has no visible buttons. This is because the whole TrackPad IS the button!! Made of glass with the right coefficient of friction, using the TrackPad is now ridiculously comfortable, you'll never want to use a mouse again... And after trying out the multiple-touch feature, which enables different functions with multiple finger touch, navigating through your applications is a breeze, you'll never want to switch back to a Windows PC again (eg. 1-finger for normal mouse movement, 2 fingers for scrolling.... etc.). This feature can be set for up to 4 fingers.

Because it is made from a one-piece aluminum sheet, the MacBook is now lighter and stronger. It is also 'greener'. Most parts of the laptop are made from recycled material, and each components are carefully selected to make sure they don't contain polluting elements (eg. mercury). Even the box comes in a smaller size to save paper.

Performance wise, it outruns all previous models. With the built-in 256MB nVidia 9400M graphics processor, it now performs like a graphics powerhouse. Gaming is not a problem, capable of running graphics demanding games such as Call of Duty 4 and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion smoothly. Deemed as currently the fastest integrated graphics processor on the market, the nVidia 9400M delivers up to 5 times the processing power of Intel graphics chips used in previous models.

Imagine all those amazing features, together with a 120GB HDD, a Core2Duo 2.0 GHz cpu, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and a battery pack capable of operating up to 5 hours on a full charge, all being fitted inside a less than 1.5cm thick aluminum and weighs only 2kg.... simply an engineering marvel.

Time to change your mind on what your next computer will be, the conventional Windows system? or the feature packed yet user friendly Mac...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sneak Peek - Empire Prophecy

Empire Paintball is going to launch a new hopper for 2009. Here's a sneak peak vid.

Looks like a longer version of the Magna with new shell..

Bakat Gila....

While youtubing the other day, i came across this amazing band called Naturally 7 from America. They make songs entirely with their own voices and sounds from body movements such as clapping and tapping. The sound of drums, guitar, bass, trombone, synthesizer, flute, and even the DJ scratching sound, are all mimicked by the band members. None of them - with the exception of the bass man - can play an actual instrument! They called this type of music 'vocal play'.

Check out this vid, some crazy talent they have... i like the guitar solo best, totally blown away!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Planet Eclipse 09 - available now at Skirmish Paintball Asia!

Planet Eclipse's 2009 gears and apparels are now available at Skirmish Paintball Asia! IMHO, the new 09 Distortion Pants and 09 Distortion Jersey are the best looking apparels for 2009, so yeng... kudos to PE!

Skirmish Asia Paintball will also be holding a Ego9 and Geo tech seminar on the 13th of Nov 2008. The seminar will be conducted by Mr Robert Pozderka, the Master Chief Tech of Planet Eclipse, UK and Mr Irwan Aries, Skirmish's Senior Tech.
(Click on image for a larger view)

Time to Switch

Been busy these few days. Started working in an Apple retail store. Tell you what, those Apple stuff are plain amazing. A whole new concept from the usual Windows PC - no virus, no reformatting, no cluttered desktop, no frills, no worries... not to mention no more money in wallet after buying a Mac, lol.

I personally like the MacBook Air. It is about as thick as your index finger and weighing at just 1.36kg. Despite the size, it still packs a punch in computing power. With all the cool little features - back-lit keyboard, large TrackPad, sleek aluminium body, the cute little port tray - the MacBook Air simply oozes with style and uniqueness. One thing people would dislike the MacBook Air is perhaps the lack of an optical drive. For me however, it's not a major problem as I don't use optical drives that often...

Another gadget that is really intriguing is the iPod Touch. The touch feature really takes the iPod to a whole new level. Beside the standard features - listening to music, watching movies, viewing photos - you can now surf the web on the go with the built-in wi-fi capability. Emails, chatting, online shopping... all these can now be done whenever and wherever you are!! (provided there are wi-fi networks around). And thanks to the accelerometer, playing games is a whole new experience on the iPod Touch. Just watch the following video to see why...

Visit to find out more, there's just too many great Apples to list down. Have to save my money for paintball, abo sure i go get one liao.