Monday, November 24, 2008


"A Paint Sucker"

Tried out my marker on the field last weekend, and boy does an e-marker eat paint... i was using more paint than i expected.

At first the 70ci tank felt too big and was hitting the bottom of my mask when holding it up. But now i've adjusted holding the marker and don't hit myself that often in the mask anymore. I still haven't really got used to shooting this marker, but other than that, it shoots great. Everything on the marker does their job well - the eyes, the reg, the trigger - although not the most advanced, they still do what they are designed to do without much hick-ups.

The Hyper2 regulator works extremely well. Shoots consistently in the 280-290 region, with +/- 6 over the chronograph. Kudos to Dye/Proto for their regulators...

In my own preference, the trigger sticks out a little too much. I personally prefer lighter triggers that sits further back towards the grip frame, like those Ultralite triggers. But for the price of the marker, i can't ask for too much... With a little bit of tweaking, they fell better to walk.

The ASA has no on/off. This is not a problem, i can live without one. But when i screw in the tank, they tend to move a bit from side to side, even after tightening the screw all the way in... Not sure if all PMR SE have this problem or just mine. (Maybe i can use some white tape on the rail and see how it goes.... will try that later)

The wires on the board are a bit fragile. The battery is connected to the board via two thin wires. Extra care needs to be taken when removing the battery, or else those wires might easily get stripped off.

Another thing about second hand markers are the wear and tear. I've noticed a little dent on the grip frame, the spot where the screw on the trigger hits. To prevent the dent from getting any worse, i've stick a piece of aluminum plate over it. Besides protecting the grip frame, the aluminium plate actually makes walking the trigger even better!

Aluminium plate installation... have to take everything apart

Construction complete...

A closer look...

And finally, the manual. Dye/Proto is a well respected paintball company, and i'm sure a lot has gone in to the design and manufacturing of their products. I just don't understand why their manuals are so misleading. Sure they are colorful and full of illustrations, but please get the details correct... The marker comes with 4 firing modes (Semi, PSP, Millennium NXL), but the manual only states 3 (Semi, PSP, Millennium). Plus, the o-rings stated in the manual are actually of the wrong size!! I have to manually test each o-ring on the bolt to see which one goes where, real lousy manual...

So colorful... but numbers all wrong

Overall, the marker doesn't dissapoint. A reasonable performer with a reasonable price tag. With a little bit of tweaking and upgrades, the PMR might even go up against higher-end markers! Highly recommended for the budget baller.

I've got a small tourney coming up this weekend. Lets see how far this baby can take me...

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