Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got my marker liao!!!

Hohoho!! Finally!!! My last piece of paintball equipment!! (not the last actually, still have no jersey, but that's a small matter...)

Got this great offer for a used PMR SE. The marker looks like new, except for a few minor scratches. It comes with all the standard features, but with a Q-lock clamping feedneck, the same one that comes stock with the DM8. My only complain is that the battery will move around in the grip when you shake the gun, but that can be easily fixed by inserting a piece of rubber in the grip to fill any empty spaces in that compartment. Also bought the tank from the previous owner, a 70/4500 Dye Throttle.

Besides the marker, i also got something new, gold mirror lens for my mask from World Cup Asia!! HOHOHO... Thank you captain, for buying for me.

From this .................................... to this

And also a Dye Nautilus marker bag, real nice... can carry my marker with all the parts, free from dirt and scratches.

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