Monday, June 30, 2008

welcom all!!

Hello and welcome to my blog, my very first, own blog....woohoo!!

My blog is currently under construction, stay updated to get more interesting contents...bookmark it!!

p.s. - i only found out that Blogger is the same as Blogspot? thought were two different sites...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Beware Of Insects

Do you ever have the experience of having an insect inside you ear....?
OMG i tell you, scary...

Just the other day i put on my ear phones, didn't notice there was an ant on the ear bud, after a while i can feel something crawling inside my ears!! And then....a shot of pain!! So sui, hurts like crazy to be bitten inside your ears.
So next time be sure to check your ear buds for any crawlies b4 you put them on...

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Lappie

My first laptop just arrived!! and it's an Asus!!! woohoo!!!

Got my first laptop two days ago, an Asus Z99E. I went to the Asus website but can't seem to find my model, maybe they don't put made-in-china models on their website. it's based on the Asus A8, pretty good specs...

- Core2Duo T7500 2.2GHz 800MHz FSB
- 2GB DDR2 667MHz
- 200GB HDD
- intel GMA X3100
- 14.1" display with build-in vga camera
- wireless a\b\g\n

and everything above comes in a sleek, nice, silver grey casing.

I only have one complain about this laptop, on the bottom of the laptop there're four non-slip rubber paddings, and one of them is one the battery pack, if the battery is removed the laptop will lose one rubber padding and the bottom surface will be uneven. I'm mostly running on AC power but still i have to plug my battery in or my laptop won't sit properly... The vga camera may be low in quality but that doesn't bother me, i'm not using it anyway.

MPOC Penang Governer's Cup 2008

The Penang Governer's Cup 2008 paintball tournament was held on 31st May at the Penang city stadium. for those who don't know where Penang is, it's an island up north in the peninsular of Malaysia, and for those who don't know where Malaysia is, it's in South East Asia just above Singapore and below Thailand on the world map.

This is the third leg of the MPOC (Malaysian Official Paintball Circuit). Preliminary rounds were held on Saturday but i only went to watch the finals on Sunday. The weather was pretty hot, typical of a country near the equator. The game was ok, can't see very clearly from the grandstand. Maybe sometime in the future i'll be in the field shooting people's ass instead of watching from the sidelines. For now i'm still not financially fit to be involved in the game, can't imagine how much those back players spent, emptying pod after pod after's crazy!!

The next MPOC event will be held in PJ from 9th to 10th August. Too far from home and exam time liao, cannot attend anymore...

(FYI, the guy in white t-shirt on the track in the middle of the pic is my bro!!)