Monday, July 26, 2010

Virtue Crown Rain Lid

What do you do if it rains and you have a virtue crown on? Switch back to you stock lid! But what if you do not have the time to do so? Get the virtue crown rain lid! “A virtue what?!?!”. Check out the video below.

Virtue came out with a lid that covers your hopper when it rains. It sits on the crown adapter and replaces the rubber feed gate. You do not have to disassemble your whole loader just to put in a regular lid, allowing you to get back on the field much faster.

But what if you do not even have the time to replace your rubber feed gate? Then I guess you’ll have to play with soaking wet balls…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FYP done!!

Finally, my final year project is done!! :)

Degree life is almost ending, all that are left are two more assignments and two exam papers. Half a month more and college's over!!

We have to pass up 3 hard-cover copies of the same report!

BTW, what do you guys think of an E&E engineering degree student studying for a computing related master's degree? I'm thinking it'll be good to gain another set of skills other than what i studied for my degree. But people say getting a master's degree is about specialization. In other words, it's suppose to go 'deeper' into a specialized field, rather than going 'wider' and learn more of other stuff.

So what is your opinion? Would it be a good thing to do? Or would it be just a waste of time...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marker+Loader+Tank For Sale SOLD

Due to my elbow injury, I'm stopping paintball for some time. As such, I'm selling some of my gears below. I played mostly front and have put my gears through rough playing conditions. Despite the wear and tear, they have worked fine for me all these while.

Proto 2008 PMR Se (SOLD)
RM800 RM750

  • Upgraded with DM series clamping feedneck, everything else is stock. 
  • Marker has scratches on reg and left side of body. 
  • Current battery harness is loose due to wear and tear. Will include a new battery harness.
  • 14" 2-piece stock barrel. Has minor scratch inside back piece.
  • Comes with manual, lube, barrel sock and other miscellaneous parts.

Vlocity Select Force (SOLD)
RM300 RM250

  • Dual-colored shell. Half red half blue.
  • Feedneck has visible cracks, but still solid.
  • Comes with additional parts and shells, including tray/feedneck and lid.

Dye Throttle 70ci/4500psi (SOLD)

  • Year 2006.
  • Stock Dye regulator.
  • Comes with Rhino tank cover and aluminum nipple cover.
  • Minor scratches on reg body.

COD preferred. All items are in Penang. But both marker and loader for a special price of RM900.
Interested buyers please contact me below:
Email :
Phone : 016-4095167 (sms only please, calls are inconvenient as I'm in class most of the time.)

Long time no write

Hi everyone, it's been quite some time since the last time I posted anything here. It's been so long I think some followers had already removed my blog from their to-follow list.

Back at the end of April, I dislocated my elbow while playing paintball. My elbow was wrapped in POP for one month. Since then I haven't been doing much on this blog. I haven't been playing any paintball also, and will not be returning to the field for quite some time. My elbow is a lot better now, but still unable to lift heavy stuff.

The good news is, I'm going to finish college in 2 months!! :)
My final year project is almost done. It's not the best project, but still, it's almost done!! One less thing to worry about soon...

Oh, and check out the new It's got a new look with a new frontpage! Keep in mind that the new site is still under construction, and the forum is not ready to use yet. Leave a comment on what you think of the site's layout.