Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hello readers,
I'm putting my Proto PMR up for sale.

comes with:
  • 14" 2-piece Proto stock barrel
  • DM clamping feedneck
  • stock Proto ASA
  • Hyper2 reg
  • barrel sock
  • o-ring kit
  • allen keys
  • box and manual
  • stickers
  • plenty of lube
Asking price : RM1000 nego

Interested buyers pls leave a comment or call 016-4095167 (Wei Chun).

P.S. - I also have other stuff for sale (loaders, harness, pants, gloves, mask...)
Leave me a comment if interested.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Somewhere in Penang...

Anyone recognize this place?

Can see Komtar in the background

It's a lorong somewhere along Jalan Magazine, opposite Traders Hotel. Went there with mom yesterday, didn't know that there's such a place in the city. The food there are really cheap. We had a bowl of curry mee (comes with a generous amount of ingredients) for RM2.30 only!

It was a different experience eating there. It was a bit hot, and there were not much tables for customers, and they let you eat on their stalls! We had to watch out for cars coming into the lorong. The lorong was so narrow, the car's side mirror passed by only inches from us. With the bikes parked along the lorong (as in the pic above), the place was even narrower and we had to pause our meal and give way to passing cars. Luckily there weren't a lot of cars passing by.

Georgetown is such an interesting place. If people would take some time to explore the city, they would realized why it was given the Unesco World Heritage Site status. The one thing that might spoil the experience is the heavy modern day traffic - so noisy and polluting. Maybe the government should impose a traffic curfew? Hmm...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penang Hill Trip

Picture post on the recent trip to Penang Hill. Lazy to write too much.

Jam packed tram

Tram rail intersection, you can see the other tram coming down.


View from top station

Getting the bike

Two-seater bicycle. This thing is hard to balance.

Lunch at Jemputree. Qi is admiring the ceiling...

Food!! Everyone is having nasi lemak except me.

Kissing is illegal

Strawberry, mango and kiwi in one glass

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 9

"Inspired by a true story..."

Now, before you all criticise me, the movie REALLY is inspired by a true story. No, aliens have not landed in South Africa in real life. And no, we do not possess alien weaponry here on earth. The story was inspired by the forced removal of the inhabitants of the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town during the apartheid regime in the 70's. The place is better known as District 6.

The project was originally a short film titled Alive in Joburg by the director, Neill Blomkamp. It was later developed into a full length movie and renamed District 9.

Alive in Joburg

Went to see the movie yesterday. The filming style is a bit different. You'll see the movie being presented in various types of cameras in the first half of the film. Handheld cameras (remember Cloverfield?), black & white security cameras, TV news crew on-the-scene reporting footages, DiscoveryChannel-style interview videos, etc etc. PB got dizzy from the all the shaky camera work, but i think it's a clever gimmick.

District 9 trailer

It doesn't have the usual plot you'll find in alien movies, invading earth to take over the planet, that sort of thing. The aliens in D9 are portrayed as survivors of a 'shipwreck', stuck on earth and unable to return home. They are treated as refugees and are placed in a slum called District 9. Nothing glamorous about the aliens here. They scavenge for food in dump sites. They are called 'prawns' by humans, signifying that they are treated as creatures from the bottom of the food chain.

The aliens weaponry are cool, especially the alien mecha doing the Neo bullet-stopping stunt.

There are two things i find unconvincing.

Firstly, the aliens are clearly in shortage of the fluid needed to operate the ship, so how did they manage to keep the mothership hovering above Johannesburg for 20 years? Unless they are using solar power...

Secondly, aren't the fluid some sort of energy source for alien machinery? How can an energy source cause such a serious genetic mutation until a human is evolved into one of their kind in such a short period after exposure? Bizarre...

There are already talks that the director, Neill Blomkamp, is going to make a District 9 sequel. Do you think he should just leave the story as it is and not risk making a sequel that might ruin the amazingness of the first movie? (think The Matrix) Or should he develop the story further and give us something even more amazing?

District 10, anyone?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back Pain

Hohoho!! Exam habis liao!!

There are 5 subjects in this semester but we only have to sit for 3 papers cause the other 2 are 100% coursework. You might think that i'm free now and will get to lenggang lenggang in a long holiday. Wrong.

Training for WCA has officially started. After stopping paintball for 3 weeks, and not doing any exercise in that period, paintball suddenly seem to tiring today. Having back pain now...
(Back pain from paintball!?! I am really really not in shape, have to work hard liao...)

All tired from shooting 'people'

But on the bright side, my diving is getting better and better. I used to think too much when diving - the jump, the landing, the arm position, blablabla - but today i dived into the dorito without even thinking of it, and it went smooth, it's becoming more like second nature, WooHoo!!

One more week and i have to go for my internship. Don't know how it will turn out. Lets hope it'll be a nice place, or else i'll have to bear with it for the next 4 months.

Ok, time to end this post and sleep liao, 2mro need to wake up at 6am again for paintball. Gnite.

Notes to self:
  • Get enough sleep. Go to bed earlier if you have to wake up early for training.
  • Some of them still can't hear you on the field. Apparently you're still not loud enough.

P.S. - The photo above is the first pic in this blog that was taken with my new phone! As such i'm uploading the picture in its original size. Click on image to see the ori size!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paintball cooking show

TechPB is up to so many things, and now they're into cooking shows?!?

Check out the video below... featuring the Planet Eclipse Hot Sauce and SL94 barrel, LOL.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got my phone liao!

Hohoho... my new phone is finally here!

I didn't get it from BS as initially planned cause i found a better offer at a shop in BJ. By default, the phone comes with a 256MB Memory Stick, but mine came with 512MB :)

I took 4 separate trips to BJ in one day for this phone. The parking guy there must have remembered my car already...

Trip No.1 - Around noon, went asking around the shops. Found a better offer than BS's for trading my old phone, but the phone was with BS so i had to drive to Sungai Nibong to get the phone, then drive back to BJ.

Trip No.2 - Traded the old phone and bought the new one. Went home after that.

Trip No.3 - Found out the manual they gave me was in some foreign language, can't understand at all, so went back to get an English version. Went to college after that.

Trip No.4 - At night when i want to sync my phone's contacts, couldn't find any USB cable in the box, so went back to the shop to get one. Also got a crystal case.

Sony Ericsson K770i Truffle Brown

Mine is an AP phone. Do you know that AP phones now comes with a year's warranty? Including the LCD screen and camera? Phone technology upgraded, warranty pun upgraded...

The K770 is considered an old model, but i'm not getting a phone to keep up with the newest technology, i'm using it mostly for talking and snapping pics, affordability is more important. A lot of people around me are using the black color model, so i decided to get the brown, something different.

Using a candy-bar phone needs a little getting used to for me. I've been using a flip-phone for almost 5 years now, a candy-bar phone just feels so short and small. I don't want another easy-to-rosak phone, candy-bars may be small, but they're tougher :)

The interface is pretty much the same with my W300i, standard Sony Ericsson stuff, but the PC Suite that comes with the phone is just amazing! I can sync all my contacts with my laptop, transfer any files on my phone to my laptop (including SMSes!), sync the time & date. I can even send an SMS through the phone using my laptop! Wow... If these PC Suite stuff are standard fares nowadays, then call me outdated. Honestly, i've never used anything like this b4.

It's almost bed time liao, time to call someone with my new phone.... hehehe :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


If you've been observant, you'll notice that my recent posts have few photos in it. That's because my phone has been in the grave for a few months liao. No camera to use :(

Flip phones are unreliable. Once you dropped it it'll start acting up. My old W300i's screen wasn't working a while back, had to spend close to RM100 to repair it. A few months later, my phone was dropped accidentally at only waist height, and the screen went cacat again. This time the display only showed a white screen.

My dead W300i

I planned to repair it, trade in and get a new phone. But guess what, the repair will cost me about RM100, and the trade-in value of the phone in working condition is also RM100! Haiz, buang terus better...

Been using YM's old Motorola for a few months now, while i save up for a new phone. Her Moto is ok for calls and SMS, other than that, the phone has no other functions. No complains here, in fact i'm grateful i still have a phone to use.

My temporary phone, HelloMoto...

After saving up these few months, i can finally get a new phone! Hoho... Ordered from BS liao, it should be coming anytime now.

No more pictureless blog soon :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Listed!!

Hohoho!! Our team is listed in the WCA09 list of attending teams on xtionpaintball!!

BananaFishBone!! Crazy name...

Was too wuliao the other day, so I took some pictures of bananas and fishbones from the internet and editted them, using none other than the humble Paint. And the result...

Perhaps our team logo might be something like this? LOL...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

PSP ROF change a false alarm

Apparently, news of the drop in ROF for the PSP 2010 season is just a false alarm. has verified with Lane Wright, the president of PSP, and he said there are no plans to change the current rules.

After word hit the internet about changing ROF, we have been overwhelmed with calls and emails regarding the issue. The overwhelming opinion is against raising or lowering rate of fire and people obviously want stability. At this time I want to make it clear that PSP has no intention of making any changes to the ROF rules. It’s obvious that our player base wants stability in such issues and we feel obliged to give it.

-Lane Wright, PSP

I guess we're stuck with 10.5bps.

Original post from

Friday, August 7, 2009

PSP drop ROF for 2010

People had been complaining that the markers nowadays shoot so fast, they make the skills needed to win become obsolete. PSP then dropped the rate of fire (rof) from 15 balls-per-second (bps) to 12.5bps. After some time, the situation remains the same, so they dropped the rof further to 10.5bps. Mixed reactions were received. Some objected the idea, some embraced it, others just couldn't care less.

The 2009 season is halfway over, and instead of seeing more interesting games by players making big moves (which was one of the reason for lowering the rof in the first place - the other one is to make it cheaper for players on paint), people still went to their bunkers and camp. Because of that, and complains that 10.5bps is too slow, PSP is now changing their rules on rof, again!

According to, 2010 will see players shooting 12.5bps.

Haiz, why keep changing!?! When will they realize that changing the bps is not the answer. I say they should instead set the rules to semi uncapped. That way people will not complain about the rof being too slow or too fast. You want to shoot fast? Train those fingers! Shooting fast will not be something they'll take for granted, it will become a real 'skill'.

Another thing is, a lot of players blame their high cost on paint because they play in ramping modes, they have to use that much paint to keep up because the other teams are ramping non-stop like crazy. The poorer team will not be able to outshoot the richer team, ending up those who can buy more paint wins. WTF! I say we should all play SEMI!!

Who's with me?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Seed RtR for the Rotor

Seed Paintball came out with a new upgrade kit for the Dye Rotor. I think they are a new company, never heard of them.

The Seed RtR has an accelerometer which allows you to change modes by rotating the loader around, a feature also found in some digital cameras and phones. Selection is made by pulling the anti-jam trigger on the Rotor, cool...

Below are the product details taken from

Seed RtR upgrade kit for Dye Rotor loader


The key feature of the upgrade kit is allowing the Rotor loader to automatically unjam itself in case a ball is jammed. The upgrade kit consists of three parts. It has a new circuit board featuring a 3-axis accelerometer among other features, new gears allowing the loader to rotate backwards as well as forwards and finally two new motors allowing you to choose exactly the features your style of play requires. The kit also comes with a comprehensive full color manual allowing easy installation and configuration.

Circuit board

The Seed RtR cicuit board is probably the most advanced circuit board to date made for a paintball loader. The 3-axis accelerometer on the circuit board allows it to know at all times the position of the loader. When you fire your marker the accelerometer detects the shot being fired and monitors the feed rate of the loader. If it detects that the marker was fired but paintballs are not fed it knows that the loader is jammed and will perform an automatic antijam. This allows the Rotor loader not only to work good with soft and out of round paintballs but Reballs as well. The circuit board is also fully user configurable through a settings menu. No tools or even any disassembly is required to change the settings. Simply turn the loader upside down and turn it on, and you will be automatically in the settings menu. Changes are made simply by using the original antijam lever. Other key features of the circuit board include:

  • Low battery indicator, showing the battery voltage
  • Pulse width modulation variable motor control matching the motor speed to feed rate needed at all times
  • High speed microcontroller with non volatile memory for maximum performance
  • Full color superbright LED


For the upgrade kit to work new gears will need to be installed into the gear box. These gears are specifically designed for the upgrade kit and allow the loader to spin both forward and backward. Main gear is installed with two ABEC 5 quality ball bearings for extended lifetime and smooth operation. Gears are also made out of a special mixture of Delrin and Nylon to maximize the life and minimize noise and vibration. Installation is easy and takes under 10 minutes.


The seed RtR comes with two motors. The high torque one is close to the specifications of the original motor but with increased torque, this allows to maximize the battery life. The high RPM motor is added to the situations where maximal rate of fire is required. It's slightly louder but will allow the loader to feed extremely fast. Both motors come with necessary gears attached.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Assignments and Accident

"Double A..."

There are two weeks left until this sem's final exam. As usual, everyone is busy burning the midnight oil for their assignments this week, literally. For the past couple of days i have been staying up till late doing assignments, the latest was until 6am in the morning!! Miss OhOh was even keat, stayed up until 10am the next day, lol...

Wednesday night i went to Kok's house to do a video clip for our project, later found out that the parts we needed were with James, so we had to drive all the way to the mainland. On the way we got lost somewhere in the highway cause none of us were familiar with the place. We managed to find his place in the end though. James brought us to a so-called famous mamak stall there. According to him, that place was so laku, they only start operating at 2am in the morning, and still can find business!! Don't know where those people come from de, 2am still go mamak stall, nothing to do in the morning de meh?

On the highway on our way back, a speeding black Civic overtook us, then 3 more Civics followed. Apparently 4 street racers were racing. Kok said "race la race la, later bang eh si i will laugh gau gau...". Indeed, one of them kena accident. After we turned a corner, we saw the white Civic (who was in 3rd place when they overtook us) stopped at the side of the road, headlights facing us and surrounded by dust and smoke. We guessed he spun out of control and banged into the divider or something. Kok was LMAO-ing. The other racers all sped off without even stopping to check on their friend! Tsk tsk tsk...

His bonnet and car doors were all smashed in, windows shattered. One of the wheel broke off and was still rolling away from the car as we passed. The driver was ok i guess, can see him still able to move about in the car...

Met with an accident in the middle of the night, and all your friends left the scene, sucks big time. But it's all his fault i guess, racing illegally. Like Kok said, bang eh si will laugh gau gau...

I still have two more assignments to complete, and after that it's exam time. No more paintballing liao for the time being.