Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got my phone liao!

Hohoho... my new phone is finally here!

I didn't get it from BS as initially planned cause i found a better offer at a shop in BJ. By default, the phone comes with a 256MB Memory Stick, but mine came with 512MB :)

I took 4 separate trips to BJ in one day for this phone. The parking guy there must have remembered my car already...

Trip No.1 - Around noon, went asking around the shops. Found a better offer than BS's for trading my old phone, but the phone was with BS so i had to drive to Sungai Nibong to get the phone, then drive back to BJ.

Trip No.2 - Traded the old phone and bought the new one. Went home after that.

Trip No.3 - Found out the manual they gave me was in some foreign language, can't understand at all, so went back to get an English version. Went to college after that.

Trip No.4 - At night when i want to sync my phone's contacts, couldn't find any USB cable in the box, so went back to the shop to get one. Also got a crystal case.

Sony Ericsson K770i Truffle Brown

Mine is an AP phone. Do you know that AP phones now comes with a year's warranty? Including the LCD screen and camera? Phone technology upgraded, warranty pun upgraded...

The K770 is considered an old model, but i'm not getting a phone to keep up with the newest technology, i'm using it mostly for talking and snapping pics, affordability is more important. A lot of people around me are using the black color model, so i decided to get the brown, something different.

Using a candy-bar phone needs a little getting used to for me. I've been using a flip-phone for almost 5 years now, a candy-bar phone just feels so short and small. I don't want another easy-to-rosak phone, candy-bars may be small, but they're tougher :)

The interface is pretty much the same with my W300i, standard Sony Ericsson stuff, but the PC Suite that comes with the phone is just amazing! I can sync all my contacts with my laptop, transfer any files on my phone to my laptop (including SMSes!), sync the time & date. I can even send an SMS through the phone using my laptop! Wow... If these PC Suite stuff are standard fares nowadays, then call me outdated. Honestly, i've never used anything like this b4.

It's almost bed time liao, time to call someone with my new phone.... hehehe :)


choonyann said...

hey,same with my sis, brown colour..
be careful with the keypad, it might fade off..

PB said...

u got call me yesterday nite meh? i thought is i call u de... =P

Anonymous said...

mine one is silver colour...hehe