Tuesday, August 11, 2009


If you've been observant, you'll notice that my recent posts have few photos in it. That's because my phone has been in the grave for a few months liao. No camera to use :(

Flip phones are unreliable. Once you dropped it it'll start acting up. My old W300i's screen wasn't working a while back, had to spend close to RM100 to repair it. A few months later, my phone was dropped accidentally at only waist height, and the screen went cacat again. This time the display only showed a white screen.

My dead W300i

I planned to repair it, trade in and get a new phone. But guess what, the repair will cost me about RM100, and the trade-in value of the phone in working condition is also RM100! Haiz, buang terus better...

Been using YM's old Motorola for a few months now, while i save up for a new phone. Her Moto is ok for calls and SMS, other than that, the phone has no other functions. No complains here, in fact i'm grateful i still have a phone to use.

My temporary phone, HelloMoto...

After saving up these few months, i can finally get a new phone! Hoho... Ordered from BS liao, it should be coming anytime now.

No more pictureless blog soon :)

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