Monday, August 3, 2009

Seed RtR for the Rotor

Seed Paintball came out with a new upgrade kit for the Dye Rotor. I think they are a new company, never heard of them.

The Seed RtR has an accelerometer which allows you to change modes by rotating the loader around, a feature also found in some digital cameras and phones. Selection is made by pulling the anti-jam trigger on the Rotor, cool...

Below are the product details taken from

Seed RtR upgrade kit for Dye Rotor loader


The key feature of the upgrade kit is allowing the Rotor loader to automatically unjam itself in case a ball is jammed. The upgrade kit consists of three parts. It has a new circuit board featuring a 3-axis accelerometer among other features, new gears allowing the loader to rotate backwards as well as forwards and finally two new motors allowing you to choose exactly the features your style of play requires. The kit also comes with a comprehensive full color manual allowing easy installation and configuration.

Circuit board

The Seed RtR cicuit board is probably the most advanced circuit board to date made for a paintball loader. The 3-axis accelerometer on the circuit board allows it to know at all times the position of the loader. When you fire your marker the accelerometer detects the shot being fired and monitors the feed rate of the loader. If it detects that the marker was fired but paintballs are not fed it knows that the loader is jammed and will perform an automatic antijam. This allows the Rotor loader not only to work good with soft and out of round paintballs but Reballs as well. The circuit board is also fully user configurable through a settings menu. No tools or even any disassembly is required to change the settings. Simply turn the loader upside down and turn it on, and you will be automatically in the settings menu. Changes are made simply by using the original antijam lever. Other key features of the circuit board include:

  • Low battery indicator, showing the battery voltage
  • Pulse width modulation variable motor control matching the motor speed to feed rate needed at all times
  • High speed microcontroller with non volatile memory for maximum performance
  • Full color superbright LED


For the upgrade kit to work new gears will need to be installed into the gear box. These gears are specifically designed for the upgrade kit and allow the loader to spin both forward and backward. Main gear is installed with two ABEC 5 quality ball bearings for extended lifetime and smooth operation. Gears are also made out of a special mixture of Delrin and Nylon to maximize the life and minimize noise and vibration. Installation is easy and takes under 10 minutes.


The seed RtR comes with two motors. The high torque one is close to the specifications of the original motor but with increased torque, this allows to maximize the battery life. The high RPM motor is added to the situations where maximal rate of fire is required. It's slightly louder but will allow the loader to feed extremely fast. Both motors come with necessary gears attached.

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