Monday, April 27, 2009

Dye Throttle for sale SOLD

I have a used Dye Throttle 70/4500 HPA tank for sale.

The tank is labelled 2006, with a scheduled rehydrotest period of 5 years. Works without problems and has minimum scratches. Comes with a blue Rhino tank cover. Selling for RM680. Leave a comment or call 016-4095167 for further info.

Below is the manufacturer's description of the tank:
The Throttle Preset is a technologically advanced, yet simple, hassle-free regulator and is quickly becoming the favorite among professionals today. The Throttle Preset is factory set to an efficient 850 psi. This unique design provides maximum unrestricted air flow at a constant output pressure, which is more than suitable for any marker available today. As with most preset systems, this regulated air system should be used in conjuction with a good in-line reg, such as our Hyper Reg, so all you have to do is just screw in and play. The Throttle 70/4500 is the shortest 70 cubic inch tank on the market. The 70/4500 is most popular with front players and younger people.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Friends...

There was once a little lonely pig, sitting at home all alone with no one to play with...

One day, came two little turtle who is looking for a home...

They found the little pig. The little pig invited them to stay and they lived happily ever after...

Virtue Crown for the Rotor

Ever since Dye came out with the Rotor, everyone has been so eager to put a speed feed system on it. Even before Dye came out with their own speed feed system, people have been modifying their Vlocity Crown to get it fit on the Rotor, some even made their own from the ground up using sheets of plastic.

Virtue Crown for Vlocity, modified to fit on the Rotor

Home-made speed feed made from plastic sheets

Now Virtue Paintball has come out with the Crown for the Rotor. The Crown has been proven to be reliable, allowing paint in easily and preventing them from falling out.

Dye's own speed feed, the Quick Feed, is also capable of holding paint while still enabling quick loading, but when the loader is filled to the brim, the flaps will be held down by the top few pellets, causing paint to fall out easily. The Crown on the other hand, sits a little higher on the loader compared to Dye's, thus giving more spaces for the flaps to spring back up even if the loader is full.

The Dye Quick Feed

Virtue Crown for the Rotor. Notice the extra height...

I don't use speed feed, but i think the extra height isn't a problem. For those who worry about being shot because the Crown gives a slighty bigger profile, it's like saying people should starve until they become skinny like a lidi so they will have a smaller profile, thus harder to get hit. Lame... there's really no point fussing about something so insignificant as this.

The description below is taken from Virtue's website.
The Virtue® Crown™ "lid-less" feed system makes reloading easier than ever. No more opening the lid. No more paintballs spilling out or feeders popping off. The Crown's patent pending hinged elastomer design allows paint to flow freely into the hopper while preventing paint from coming back out.

Guaranteed to Feed Faster & More Securely

The Crown for the Rotor includes 3 parts: Locking Ring, Crown, and the Rotor Lid Adapter. All 3 parts (included) are necessary.

Rotor Crown Features:
  • Ultra Soft version: Available in new, durable, sag-resistant colors.
  • Feed lightening fast while keep most paint in securely.
  • Standard version: Available in black.
  • Feed quickly, once you master the learning curve, and never lose a ball again.
  • Reliable, durable elastomer construction.
  • Increases hopper capacity by 15 to 20 extra balls.
  • Easy Open & Close lid functionality (with future Rain Cover upgrade).
  • Secure Locking Ring w/ new enhanced thumbscrew.
  • Heavy-duty plastic lid adapter with pin.

The Crown is available in two types of Elastomer. Neither is "best", decide based on your style of play.

Ultra Soft Elastomer:
The fastest reload with a low chance of paint coming out. Ultra Soft Elastomer keeps paint from coming out under most conditions, but vigorous shaking may lose a few balls. Note: Our new Ultra Soft Elastomer Color Crowns is a special formula that minimizes sagging and drooping over time.

Standard Elastomer:
Offers a quick reload with NO chance of paint coming out. Rigid, but flexible Elastomer lets NO balls out, even with the most vigorous shaking.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing with Freaks Unit

Exam is finally over!! Actually it's already over last Friday, the reason why i'm only posting this now is because i've been busy playing paintball after the exam, from Saturday to Wednesday! 5 days in a row! Hohoho... Hopefully i can score enough to retain my scholarship...

Team X-Pursuit from Penang and team Freaks Unit (click here for the translated page)from Switzerland are going to join forces in the upcoming International Super Seven Championship 2009 (ISSC), which will be held in PJ on the 1st of May. The swiss were here to train for the past few days, and we had to change the field layout from field 1 to field 3 for their training! OMG i tell you, changing layouts can be so so so so tiring, plus you can get super tanned...

Besides changing layouts, we also had to fix the netting cause on Sunday night, there were heavy rain and wind, ripping off the nets and pulling the poles off the ground. How strong was the wind you ask? Imagine the center big spike, with 6 spikes nailing it to the ground, being blown over the approximately-8-meter-high net and out of the field. That was what happened!

ISSC 2009 field 3, view from above...

The games with the Swiss were all wet and muddy, almost like last time when we trained sliding and diving (click here to view previous post), the only difference is it wasn't raining this time.

Other than shooting angmos, there was another incident. I'm not going to write about it cause it's getting late now and i want to go to sleep liao. You can read about it on Meilin's blog here...

You can also read about their adventures in Malaysia here. It's written in a foreign language, German i think. Click on 'Fotos Malaysia' to see the pics they posted, or you can use google translator to read everything...

Notes to self:
  • If not sure what's in front you, don't run up the snake all the way, go up one bunker at a time instead, popping up at various spots.
  • try to keep your head up while diving, you don't want to knock off your mask on the ground.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dye i4 new colors

Dye is going to release new colors for their i4 masks! According to PbNation, the 2 new colors - camo and leopard, will be out sometime in April.

The leopard print looks cool, so JoyDivision-ish!! Keep and eye out for them...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vlocity SelectForce for sale SOLD

I have one unit of Viewloader Vlocity for sale. It's a black color SelectForce. Used as backup, putting up for sale cause don't really need it.

From casual players to pro players, from woodsball to speedball, the SelectForce is considered one of the most popular loaders. Light, fast and functional, it works every time on the field. Fitted with such high end features as anti-jam propeller, dual vision system, programmable software, adjustable force, etc, it's no wonder the VL SelectForce is the choice among paintballers worldwide. Works well with reballs too.

Below is a list of features taken from Viewloader's website:
  • Feed rate of up to 25 BPS on the marker
  • Free fall rate up to 35 BPS
  • 200 ball count capacity
  • Adjustable Select Force™ Technology
  • Electronically controlled anti-jam propeller
  • Reprogrammable software
  • Dual vision system
  • Engineered with light weight, extreme impact resistant polymer making it the largest capacity and lightest weight loader on the market today

MSRP of the loader is RM600+, I'm letting it go at RM350. Interested buyer please leave a comment, or contact me 016-4095167. TQ.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sneak Peek - 09 Intimidator?

Saw this on YouTube. Bob Long talks about the new Marq Victory. Near the end of the vid he mentioned something about a new Intimidator. Wow, 2 new Bob Long markers in a year!

Why his face so lansi de?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just when you thought everyone is switching to HPA and Co2's days are numbered, JT USA rolled out their new IVT Co2 tanks.

IVT stands for Integrated Valve Technology. What it means is the valve pin is not built into the tank adapter, but on the tank itself. This eliminates the risk of accidentally unscrewing the tank adapter from the tank when taking it off markers. If you don't know what will happen if a filled tank comes off without an adapter, watch the video below.

There's also an indicator system built-in to show how much air left in the tank. You'll never again have to guess how much air left, or end up experiencing the 'machinegun-effect' with a house marker. A magnet is fitted in the tank, which floats on the surface of liquid Co2. The magnet will then show a mark on the indicating scale on the side of the tank... genius!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sneak Peek - Bob Long Marq Victory

Coming into 2009, a lot of paintball companies had released their new line of markers. To Bob Long fans out there, the question is not why there's no new marker coming out, but when...

Rumors have been spreading among the online community about the new Marq Victory. First there's the news 'leak' on paintball websites. And then there's this advertisement about the new Marq in paintball magazines.

Next comes the 'leaked' pictures of the marker's internals.

After all the anticipation, the real picture of the marker is finally here...

The Marq Victory, without ASA

The Marq Victory, with ASA

Comparison of the Marq Victory (red) and the Marq 6 (black)

The reg is sooo.... cute!!

Here are some of the features:
  • Quick pull bolt removal
  • Completely redesigned LPR - no over pressurizing
  • High efficiency
  • Bolt windows cuts
  • Very light - the lightest in the Marq series
  • Tadao board
  • 4-eyes system
  • Closer trigger frame
  • New bearing trigger
  • Built-in on/off ASA
  • Gas through grip frame
Russian Legion will be shooting the Marq Victory in upcoming tournaments. To me, the tiny macroline-less reg and the see-through bolt window resemble the Luxe and DangerousPower's Rev-i. But performance wise, it is still unknown. The marker is claimed to be able to shoot 15 pods from a single 68/4500 tank!! Now this is something that has to be seen to believe!!

Can't wait...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5th April

First of all, i would like to advice all drivers out there to switch on their headlights when it's dark!! Yesterday during the heavy downpour, visibility was low and still there were some cars on the road without lights on. And today around 6pm was raining again with low visibility, again, no lights on!! Pleeeeease la, later accident eh si only want to blame others. It's hard to see you coming from behind when want to switch lanes la. And please... switch on the H-E-A-D-L-I-G-H-T-S, not the hazard ligths! FYI, hazard lights are only used when vehicles broke down and are stationary at the road side!! Got study undang-undang de ma? Don't gao gao simply go use la.... Haiyo!

Ok, now back to topic.

More and more people are coming to play at the field!! WooHoo!! Although not as much people as last time b4 i joined, it was still an improvement over the recent drop in players...

Played a few games of 6v6, the most players on each side i've ever After USM Open, don't know why i became a bit 差ki. Is it because i played back today? I like front, running past lanes, sliding into bunkers, bunkering, make the kill and get killed.... being at the back was so a little 不习惯.

And thanks to Eric for the jersey, now i know my size!!

Notes to self:
  • Play your role!! If assigned as a back player, don't rush to the front, leave that to the front players!! Stay back and provide support!!
  • Don't hesitate when making a move. A split second delay is all it takes to get eliminated.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Looks - Vanguard Creed

"For The Gunfight"

This marker is one of those high-end markers with all the tech in it. USB-charged battery, USB-upgradeable board, OLED display. But the most over-the-top feature is.... touch screen!?!? OMG...

A quote from the official website:
"All setting adjustable using on board display, computer based interface, and remote touch screen config box..."
Serious bo? Touch screen on the marker? Or touch screen on a separate remote controller? Two of the features i find intriguing are the USB-upgradeable board and the 3 sets of stock barrels. With the choice of having a 16 or 14 inch barrel out of the box is just sweet. The modes and settings are also set without having to take off the grip covers!

The manufacturer also decided to throw in some ridiculous freebies for a paintball marker - an iPod charger, and a bottle opener, swt...

No news yet on where and when we Malaysians can get it. Hopefully it will be soon, and the price will be affordable.