Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virtue Crown for the Rotor

Ever since Dye came out with the Rotor, everyone has been so eager to put a speed feed system on it. Even before Dye came out with their own speed feed system, people have been modifying their Vlocity Crown to get it fit on the Rotor, some even made their own from the ground up using sheets of plastic.

Virtue Crown for Vlocity, modified to fit on the Rotor

Home-made speed feed made from plastic sheets

Now Virtue Paintball has come out with the Crown for the Rotor. The Crown has been proven to be reliable, allowing paint in easily and preventing them from falling out.

Dye's own speed feed, the Quick Feed, is also capable of holding paint while still enabling quick loading, but when the loader is filled to the brim, the flaps will be held down by the top few pellets, causing paint to fall out easily. The Crown on the other hand, sits a little higher on the loader compared to Dye's, thus giving more spaces for the flaps to spring back up even if the loader is full.

The Dye Quick Feed

Virtue Crown for the Rotor. Notice the extra height...

I don't use speed feed, but i think the extra height isn't a problem. For those who worry about being shot because the Crown gives a slighty bigger profile, it's like saying people should starve until they become skinny like a lidi so they will have a smaller profile, thus harder to get hit. Lame... there's really no point fussing about something so insignificant as this.

The description below is taken from Virtue's website.
The Virtue® Crown™ "lid-less" feed system makes reloading easier than ever. No more opening the lid. No more paintballs spilling out or feeders popping off. The Crown's patent pending hinged elastomer design allows paint to flow freely into the hopper while preventing paint from coming back out.

Guaranteed to Feed Faster & More Securely

The Crown for the Rotor includes 3 parts: Locking Ring, Crown, and the Rotor Lid Adapter. All 3 parts (included) are necessary.

Rotor Crown Features:
  • Ultra Soft version: Available in new, durable, sag-resistant colors.
  • Feed lightening fast while keep most paint in securely.
  • Standard version: Available in black.
  • Feed quickly, once you master the learning curve, and never lose a ball again.
  • Reliable, durable elastomer construction.
  • Increases hopper capacity by 15 to 20 extra balls.
  • Easy Open & Close lid functionality (with future Rain Cover upgrade).
  • Secure Locking Ring w/ new enhanced thumbscrew.
  • Heavy-duty plastic lid adapter with pin.

The Crown is available in two types of Elastomer. Neither is "best", decide based on your style of play.

Ultra Soft Elastomer:
The fastest reload with a low chance of paint coming out. Ultra Soft Elastomer keeps paint from coming out under most conditions, but vigorous shaking may lose a few balls. Note: Our new Ultra Soft Elastomer Color Crowns is a special formula that minimizes sagging and drooping over time.

Standard Elastomer:
Offers a quick reload with NO chance of paint coming out. Rigid, but flexible Elastomer lets NO balls out, even with the most vigorous shaking.

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