Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GSC showing obscene movie?

First movie on the list...

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Looks - Angel Eye recently released insider photos of the new mask by WDP, the company behind the Angel Paintball Sports brand. Called "Angel Eye", the mask is said to have two lenses, one for each eye. It will also have some sort of 'communication device' installed into the mouth piece.

But of course, none of these information can be confirmed until the actual mask is available.

My first thought when seeing the mask - "is this alien technology?".

Seriously, it looks unreal, like something from an alien movie. Everything on this mask (based on the picture, if it is real) is far from ordinary. The lens seems to extend all the way back to cover the ears. The mouth piece looks like some kind of breathing apparatus. Maybe it's because of the 'communication device', players do not have to shout anymore so they design it without any apparent venting holes on the front? Who knows. Maybe they even design the 'communication device' to make players sound like Darth Vader? HORRRR..... But is this really works, it will definitely take teamwork and communication to the next level.

The nose area also looks different. The lens is extended down to cover the nose too, with a hole in the middle of the foam to let your nose see some sunshine. With the nose breathing directly into the lens area, they must have some serious anti-fog technology.

The Angel Eye is said to debut this weekend at the USPL Surf City Open. Until then, no one knows for sure if this is the real deal. Remember the rumor about the mask that enables the wearer to see behind them?(link) Turned out to be fake.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Looks - Planet Eclipse Geo 2

When Planet Eclipse came out with the Ego10, people have been wondering if there will be a Geo2. paintball forums all over the world had people talking about it, some believed there will be a new Geo, but some were sceptical.

Until recently, Planet Eclipse released a picture of the Geo2 on their blog. Looks like there will be a Geo2 after all.

And then during PSP Phoenix, SK Moscow, a Planet Eclipse sponsored team from Europe, was seen shooting the Geo2 (probably a prototype version).

SK Moscow shooting the Geo2 in Phoenix

A few days after Phoenix, a few leaked pictures surfaced on the internet, which gave us the first real look at the new marker. (The first pic is rendered, while the one in Phoenix is not very clear...)

Judging from the last few pics, i think the original Geo looks better. The body of the Geo2 looks too 'tube-like' (i don't know how else to put it...)

The original Geo, Planet Eclipse's first spool valve marker.

Planet Eclipse has not release any technical information yet, but i expect to see some major improvements over the Geo1 since they are releasing it only a month after the Geo+ (which is a Geo1 with GST kit installed).

MSRP is US$1250. Some say performance of the Geo2 will rival the Dye NT (US$1549.95). If this is true, then it will surely be more popular then the NT because of the price difference.

We'll just have to wait till May...