Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Max Lundqvist's clinic in M'sia?

Just saw this poster on some forum. Apparently, Max Lundqvist is coming to M'sia to conduct a paintball clinic!! Woohoo...

For those who do not know, Maximus Lundqvist is from team Joy Division, champion of the 2008 Toulose World Cup.

Wonder how much the clinic costs...

Proto09 First Looks

Specs of the SLG 09 and PMR 09 are out.

SLG 09
Looks like the SLG is still using a sear tripper.

-Compact and Lightweight Single Tube Body Styling Weighing Only 2 lb 2 oz
-Composite UL Frame
-Single Piece Micro Honed Proto Barrel
-Anti Chop Break Beam Eye System
-New Increased Flow Hyper 3 In-Line Regulator
-Proto Bottomline with Dovetail
-Bolt Silencer (decreases noise and kick)
-Super Low 145psi operating pressure
-New solenoid with increased durability and airflow
-Ultralite aluminum trigger
-Proto Dual Density Injection Sticky grip
-LED Program Control with four tournament modes
-Orbital Rotating sear reduces wear
-No rise clamping feedneck
-All new Self Closing Valve (SCV) 2 Piece Bolt
-Self Lubricating Force button
-Improved battery life

PMR 09
Good news for those who're thinking of getting a PMR. The 09 model now comes will Proto on/off ASA and Hyper3 reg. And best of all.... ULTRALITE FRAME!!!

-Two Piece 14" Proto Barrel
-New Increased airflow Hyper 3 regulator
-Antichop breakbeam eyes
-150psi Operating pressure with boost forward technology
-Continuous 3D contoured body design
-Proto Dual Density Injection Sticky Grip
-LED Program control with four tournament modes
-UL 45 Frame
-New Solenoid with increased airflow and durability
-UL aluminum trigger
-Proto On/off airport
-Adjustable aluminum clamping feedneck with thumb screw
-Stamped metal insert logo
-Compact and lightweight body styling
-Metal backcap and eyeplates

TechPB.com is live!!

"a little passion goes a long way..."

My favourite channel on youtube, paintballtechpb, has gone from a humble one-man youtube channel to a full-blown professionally managed website on all things paintball, in just a short period of 7 months!!

Those interested in paintball should definitely go check it out.
you tube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/paintballtechpb
main website - http://www.techpb.com

For those site-flipping fellas, take this as your inspiration... :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

DyeProto Sneak Peek

DyeProto just released a sneak peak to their latest goodies, the SLG Ultralite and the Invision 4 mask.

Proto SLG UL

DyeProto has a tradition of releasing ultralite frames as upgrades for their markers. Previously the UL frame comes with just the grip frame, but for the SLG it looks like the UL frame includes the whole body as well.

Unlike the other markers, the SLG has an unusually large solenoid to operate the sear tripper, and to be able to make the signature hour-glass shaped grip, some makeover of the internals are needed. IMHO, this is the reason the SLG Ultralite comes with the whole body. I'm thinking they redesign the internals, completely different from the original SLG.

Some major complains on the original SLG - feedneck, trigger, kick - has been taken cared of. The new body comes with a clamping feedneck, which looks pretty much like the one on the PMR. The trigger has been replaced with the ultralite trigger. The bolt now has a silencer, claimed to be able to reduce the kick and noise. No one can confirm this yet, have to wait until the marker is out to know how it works.

P.S. - I hope Proto really redesigned the internals and replace the sear tripper with a true solenoid actuated spool valve. Kind of like combining the PMR with the original SLG, and come out with a marker of it's own... WooHoo!!

Dye Invision 4
From the looks of it, it looks a bit like VForce's Grill. Can't tell for sure though, not until clearer pics of the mask are released. The new i4 comes with patented quick change lens. In my opinion, some people are turned off by the i3 because of the hard change of lens. Now with the quick change system, it should be a big hit. No words yet on the release date.


"The things people do for money..."

The time now is 1:21am, and i just got home from work. Yes you read that right, 1:21am not 1:21pm. Sunshine's greedy boss did a sale until 12 midnight, and as if they're not earning enough, they decided on that day to extend business hours to 12:30am... So desperate for money meh? Opened from 10am till midnight still not enough!?!? Siao Lang.

I worked from 10am till 12:30am today, a marathon of 14 and a half hours. Try standing for that long while coping with the weekend crowd and see how you feel. Even more, i have to start work the next day at 10am!!

Bo huat, have to be hard working liao, abo cannot afford to play paintball (now you all know how serious i am in paintballing...).

Lets hope i can get them to increase my pay...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What was the Goo??

Answer to last week's Goo...

Old paintball fills mixed with water and flour. Prepared this special concoction for birthday girl... betul betul kena...

Monday, September 22, 2008

20th Sept

I have one thing to say about paintball training, everyone was not fully utilizing the time!

Last time with the archery squad, everyone arrives on time, immediately sets up equipment after arrival, after 15 mins will start to do stretching exercise together and then start to shoot. For paintball, some arrive at 9am, some at 10am, some at 11am, some at 12pm, swt... And those that arrive early would sit there blabbering until noon, then only start putting on their gear, swt again... Every time i would arrive on time, get ready, and then sit there waiting for them... I felt so UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

Ok, enough of the complaining. Got a new feedneck for my marker. Now the hopper is sitting lower and less of a target. The feedneck is a bit big though, have to really crank it down to get a good grip on the hopper.

We are starting to do various drills other than just snap shoot and play games. But other than that, training was like usual, i'm still having trouble with field awareness. One time in the game i ran out of pellets, was pretty much a sitting duck. There's not much i can do and i thought to myself, lets see how far down the field i can go. So i just ran down the field and see how fast i can get into a bunker without getting shot. Bad move, got shot instantly and had a big welt on my chest...

Notes to self :
  • Check if you have enough pods on the field. Being a sitting duck is not helping the team.
  • Playing front is not all about rushing forward. There are times to push, and times to hold back.
  • Never fill hopper to the brim. Paint will easily break inside hopper.
  • Shoot cross, better chance of eliminating someone.
  • Communication is not about shouting only, it involves listening too!!
  • Don't luan luan shoot... AIM!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


"Surrounded by conveyor belts"

Sakai? Sake? Saki? Don't know how to pronounce it in Jap, but i just had dinner at Sakae Sushi Queensbay. This is my first time eating sushi (not counting those home made ones by sis).

At first when walking into the restaurant, looks like a normal restaurant but with conveyor belts going around. And then walked on deeper into the back... i was like, what!! We have to go up a platform?!? Like a stage or something?!? Suddenly felt like i was so mighty tall... and I thought we have to sit cross-legged on the floor!! Turns out there're actually seats provided. (If you've been there you'll know what i mean)

Eating is actually fun, just take whatever passes by and put in mouth, free flow of food, so song (although some of the sushi tastes like, eeww....). And someone was belanja-ing, even more song... woohoo!!

Going around and around and around, what if you put the plates back on the belt, hmm...

The aftermath...

And guess who i saw after dinner? IceCreamGirl!! hohoho...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

13th Sept Training

Super motivated for this training after watching all those tournament videos, semangat...

Forgot to bring back my mask on last week's training, this morning it's nice to see my precious mask again.

Nothing special today, except for doing some bunkering moves and sliding with gun in hand (last time was sliding empty handed). The grass is so dry and sliding was so much difficult then last week. The mud from last week dried up and the ground was so hard. The pads feel like brakes when they hit the ground, so much geseran...

Some notes to self:
  • Use opponent's bunker as cover when doing a bunkering move
  • Wrap around the bunker (or whatever it's called) and surprise someone... a Shocker used this trick and shot me
  • Know when they are not shooting at you and make a move
  • Stay out of useless bunkers
  • Spread out and surround the enemy!!


What do you think this puddle of slime is?

Take a guess people!! The answer will be announced next week...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

6th Sept Training

Was a little late for training, woke up and was raining so decided not to go. Only went around noon after the rain stopped.

Today's training was out of routine. When i arrived they were having try-outs for new players. Then joined them for field-walking, and when we were ready for the first game it rained again. Since we can't shoot in the rain and the field was slippery, it was the perfect time to learn diving... woohoo!!

For 1 to 2 hours, we were in full gear sliding and diving, like a bunch of kampung boys playing with mud. We were soaked to the skin and covered in mud. I learned one thing from this experience - when doing superman-dive into puddles of mud, it's wise to close and zip your mouth. Unfortunately none of us did that and we got the chance to taste mud and grass and sand and bugs and whatever was in the muddy waters... (i'm using a lot of the word 'mud'.... can't help it, was really a muddy day)

Because i didn't play any paintball matches and didn't shoot one single paint, today's training was free of charge!! Zero spending for paintball training, except for fuel cost...

The first water themed paintball field in the world!!

P.S. - Our new team member pulled out, so we are back to 5 players now...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm in Second Year!!!

It's been a year since i first walked into Inti, 1/3 of my college life is over (that is if i don't take M.Eng). From my first sem, my class went from 7 person, to 12 person, and now there's 38!! Too crowded la. Don't want to be the photostat guy anymore, or later it will be like carrying dumbbells to class. Lets hope they will drop out one by one, until the total headcount becomes less than 20... what an evil thought <insert evil laugh here>

This sem only has two subjects, and 4 days of class per week. Is this good? The time table has a lot of empty slots, and there's no classed on Tues. But they say the subjects in short sems are a lot tougher. Guess will just have to wait to find out.

There's some bad news and good news for the new sem. First the bad. Exam coincides with My-NPL (Malaysian National Paintball League). My very first tournament and it has to be in the exam week.... bummer. Guess will have to call it off. But the good news is that since tournament most probably will be called off, training times have been reduced, this means less spending on paint. Whew, maybe now can stop working my ass off and relax a bit. FYI, the previous training schedule really set me back financially, where i have to restrict myself to spend only around RM50 for the two whole months of Sept and Oct!!

Time to start preparing for next year's season, and there will be no more Div4.
Div3, here we come!!