Saturday, September 13, 2008

13th Sept Training

Super motivated for this training after watching all those tournament videos, semangat...

Forgot to bring back my mask on last week's training, this morning it's nice to see my precious mask again.

Nothing special today, except for doing some bunkering moves and sliding with gun in hand (last time was sliding empty handed). The grass is so dry and sliding was so much difficult then last week. The mud from last week dried up and the ground was so hard. The pads feel like brakes when they hit the ground, so much geseran...

Some notes to self:
  • Use opponent's bunker as cover when doing a bunkering move
  • Wrap around the bunker (or whatever it's called) and surprise someone... a Shocker used this trick and shot me
  • Know when they are not shooting at you and make a move
  • Stay out of useless bunkers
  • Spread out and surround the enemy!!

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