Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proto09 First Looks

Specs of the SLG 09 and PMR 09 are out.

SLG 09
Looks like the SLG is still using a sear tripper.

-Compact and Lightweight Single Tube Body Styling Weighing Only 2 lb 2 oz
-Composite UL Frame
-Single Piece Micro Honed Proto Barrel
-Anti Chop Break Beam Eye System
-New Increased Flow Hyper 3 In-Line Regulator
-Proto Bottomline with Dovetail
-Bolt Silencer (decreases noise and kick)
-Super Low 145psi operating pressure
-New solenoid with increased durability and airflow
-Ultralite aluminum trigger
-Proto Dual Density Injection Sticky grip
-LED Program Control with four tournament modes
-Orbital Rotating sear reduces wear
-No rise clamping feedneck
-All new Self Closing Valve (SCV) 2 Piece Bolt
-Self Lubricating Force button
-Improved battery life

PMR 09
Good news for those who're thinking of getting a PMR. The 09 model now comes will Proto on/off ASA and Hyper3 reg. And best of all.... ULTRALITE FRAME!!!

-Two Piece 14" Proto Barrel
-New Increased airflow Hyper 3 regulator
-Antichop breakbeam eyes
-150psi Operating pressure with boost forward technology
-Continuous 3D contoured body design
-Proto Dual Density Injection Sticky Grip
-LED Program control with four tournament modes
-UL 45 Frame
-New Solenoid with increased airflow and durability
-UL aluminum trigger
-Proto On/off airport
-Adjustable aluminum clamping feedneck with thumb screw
-Stamped metal insert logo
-Compact and lightweight body styling
-Metal backcap and eyeplates

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