Sunday, May 31, 2009

Public Cursing!!

Went to Bukit Jambul Court yesterday and saw this in the lift.

Putting up a posters urging the residents to manage their rubbish properly is ok, but this one is over le ba...


Friday, May 29, 2009

My-NPL Kuantan 2009 Field Layout

Field layouts for the 3rd leg of My-NPL are out. Time to start strategizing... :)

Impulse 2009 pics

"And the beat goes on..."

Pics of the new Impulse 2009 are out!! Take a look...

The marker looks super!! Kinda like a cross between an Ego and a Luxe, it sure is a far-cry from what the old Impulse looks like...

Here are the specs, taken from PBNation.
  • Pressure balanced poppet valve allowing 1700 to 1800 shots from a 4500 psi 68ci system
  • Dual regulation allowing extremely low bolt force and eliminating kick
  • Air buffered firing piston shoots smoother with less vibration
  • Ultra-compact in-grip regulators reduce forward weight for improved balance
  • Hose-free design eliminating common leak points
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery powering the Impulse through approximately 100,000 shots per charge
  • Hinged Vision eye covers open without tools for cleaning and aren't easily lost because they stay attached to the marker
  • Volume chamber fore-grip eliminates shoot-down
  • Modular body design allowing for fast repairs and mix-and-match color styling
  • Freak compatible barrel system accepts bore inserts for changing paint sizes
  • Trigger based programming with modes for all major leagues and scenario use
  • Q-Lock feedneck quickly clamps and adjusts to all high performance hoppers
The fore-grip is not a regulator but actually a gas reservoir that provides constant air supply to the valve, making it more consistent. The marker has two regulators, both housed inside the grip frame. With an operating pressure of just 50psi, the Impulse is designed to be really gentle on paint with minimum kick.

The lithium polymer battery used is said to be able to last 100000 shots, which is significantly higher than the 25000-shot Luxe. Similar to the Luxe, the eye-covers are tool-less. But instead of removing the whole cover to gain access to the eyes, the Impulse's eye-cover swings open like a door without actually separating itself from the marker, making it impossible to lose them.

From the pictures, the trigger looks similar to Luxe's. I've shot the Luxe before and they felt great, trigger-walking is super fast. If the trigger is indeed the same one, then shooting the Impulse will certainly be as nice as it looks.

With a price tag of around US$1000, the new Impulse will be more affordable than other high-end markers such as the DM9 (US$1350), the Ego9 (US$1250), the Luxe (US$1500) and the Marq Victory (US$1175).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cardio workout for paintballers

Came across this video while surfing the internet the other day, something worth sharing with you all. It's nice that some fitness trainer is putting this up for free on the internet.

This workout is designed to improve your core strength and cardiovascular capacity. Apply it to your team's workout schedule at least twice a week 4-6 weeks out before the season. It's simple workout but very demanding. Put some hard work into it and your game will be taken to the next level.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sneak Peek - Smart Parts Impulse 2009

There has been news on the internet about Smart Parts coming out with the new 2009 Impulse. Rumor has it that it will be released to the general public at PSP Chicago Open, June 24th.

Here are some sneak peaks i took from

From the looks of it, it's going to be a 'gas-thru-grip' poppet valve, no macroline needed, and the air pressure is adjustable through the back of the grip frame!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

WOMO Quickie

So lazy to write these few days, but still wanted to update my blog, so...

Introducing the World Of My Own Quickie!!

Successfully organized the Inti Paintball Club recruitment roadshow last week. I was only expecting to get 20+ students to sign up, but in the end we got an unexpected 80+ names on the list!! But hor, Inti Penang a lot of aeroplanes, only 38 turned up on Saturday for our recruitment game day. But still, this was our largest crowd yet. Here are some pics...

Look at his face, so excited...

Mrs i4

Who is this??

Mr i4

Went to watch Angels & Demons last weekend. Nice movie. Better than Da Vinci Code IMO. I like the LHC and the fact that the movie makes you think, instead of just letting you sit through 2 hours of mindless action.

Religions are so complicated, haiz...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Limited Edition Mikko Huttenen DM9 and PM8

Just saw this on UK Paintball Review, the new limited edition Mikko Huttenen DM9 and PM8.

According to the site, there will be 15 limited edition DM9’s and 4 of each PM8.

The DM9 features are as follows:
  • Titanium .690 Barrel Back
  • Custom milled body with 2 toned anodizing.
  • Machined Mikko signature on side
  • Ironmen trigger
  • Mikko USB OLED TADAO board and Mikko grip panels
  • Billy Wing (Ironmen edition) Bolt
  • Priced at $1650

The PM8 features are as follows:
  • Dye UL Barrel
  • Dye clamping feed neck
  • DYE Hyper3 regulator
  • 4 Colours (Silver, Blue, Yellow/gold and Black)
  • Tadao Mikko OLED board and grips
  • Price to be announced

The most significant difference from regular DM9's would be the Tadao Mikko Huttenen OLED USB board. The board comes with 10 firing modes!
  • Unlimited semi-auto
  • Adjustable semi-auto
  • PSP ramping
  • PSP 3-shot burst
  • NXL full-auto
  • Millennium ramping
  • Custom ramping
  • Auto-response
  • 3-shot burst
  • Full-auto
Another amazing feature is the Tadao grip panel, which comes with a sealing gasket. How it works is the foam-like gasket is sandwiched between the grip frame and the grip panel, sealing off any gaps that might allow dust or water to seep through. No more worrying about playing in the mud, nice...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dead Birdies

Today's class was in the morning only, 8am to 10am. Went back to college at 1:30pm in the afternoon to get lecture notes from Dr. William.

After parking my car at the side (behind ADTP's office), i saw these...

Are they dead birds or dead chickens? They're like the size of my phone only, looked like chickens yet too small to be chickens. Where do they come from? Couldn't be from the canteen's inventory cause the canteen's on the other side of the building. Hmm... weird.

I'm guessing they're experiment materials for the biotech students...

My Dye knee pads

Hohoho... Finally I got new knee pads liao!! Dye Core 2009 knee pads!!

Compared to my previous NXe knee pads, which I bought out of desperation cause my knees were hurting, the Dye C9 are far better. My NXe pads are now up for sale here, going cheap...

The 2009 version is more comfortable than 2008's, and according to various internet sources, they stay in place better thanks to the redesigned elastic strap. One thing that i noticed about the 2008 version is the quick wear and tear, especially the rubbery part on top and below the pads. The 2009 version do not have this rubbery thing, so I think they should last longer. Silicon strips - similar to those on mask straps - are used instead to keep the pads from sliding up and down your knee.

In my experience of owning Dye's soft goods, they tend to come with some bad stitching. Both my Dye pants and elbow pads need some reinforcement stitching as they came undone very fast. The same goes with my knee pads, even though I've only used them once.

Some of the stitching I've done:

Sliding with the pads felt great, I hardly felt a thing when hitting the ground. And you know what, the pads actually helps a little in getting up from a kneeling position, they act like springs pushing your knees up! Besides protection, you'll also get plenty of bounces. I got hit on the knees and none of them broke.

From pictures online and the Dye 2009 catalogue, the C9 knee pads seems to have padding on the knee cap only. Actually they come with padding on the sides also, a very nice feature...

1 - Heavy padding
2 - Medium padding
3 - Light padding

Now i can do some crazy slides and dives like there's no tomorrow, hahahaha!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Have RM2 Will Do

Want to get something to eat but don't have enough cash on you? Saving on food to cope with the economic downturn? Looking for a light meal for lunch because you had a late breakfast? Whatever your reason is, check this out...

You read that right. It costs only RM2!! This is insane! This is a new stall in Sunshine Square Bayan Baru food court, can't really remember what it's called, I think it's 'Duck Rice King' or something like that. They sell duck rice, char siu rice, roasted pork rice and economy rice (i think they also have chicken rice, not sure about that though). When Momo saw the sign he said this world is going crazy. But wait, with such a ridiculous price, there is a catch...

Yupe, the serving size is really small. A primary school kid would probably still be hungry after one serving. There were like only 4 or 5 pieces of meat on the rice, with a few slices of cucumber. The taste is ok, nothing special. If you're still hungry, order a second one. Two servings for RM4 will surely fill you up, still quite affordable.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Comic book adaptations are becoming more and more common at the cinemas. Why? Because they have everything it takes to become a blockbuster - action, romance, character development, suspense, humour, etc. Even if the director screwed up and left out all the above mentioned elements, there will still be hardcore fanboys queuing up at the cinema to get tickets.

Went to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine two days ago and guess what, this movie will not only satisfy the comic book fans, but also the general public. Anyone who has zero knowledge on the X-men universe, no worries, you'll still be able to follow the story. Even if you do not understand English and cannot read the subtitles, you should still go watch the movie, the characters are so yeng, OMG!! Look out for Wade Wilson coming out of the elevator, blades spinning and blocking bullets. **opens mouth in awe**

The movie tells the story of Wolverine/Logan in his pre-X-men days, from a child to becoming the indestructible adamantium beast. Several characters from the comic who has a history with Wolverine are also featured. Among the more well-known are Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, Remy LeBeau aka Gambit, Scott Summers aka Cyclops, and Professor Charles Xavier. Most of the characters stayed true to the comics, while some of them were altered slighty for the movie. Do you know that Logan's girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox, has no mind control ability. Her original character in the comics only has self healing powers, able to regenerate body tissues faster than ordinary humans - much like Wolverine.

James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine

Victor Creed aka Sabretooth

Scott Summers aka Cyclops

Remy LeBeau aka Gambit

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool aka 'the yeng one'

David North aka Agent Zero aka 'the gong one'

I'm just curious about two things.
  1. Before the adamantium bonding process, Wolverine's claws are like spikes, capable of impaling but not cutting. But after the process, his claws became blades, instead of just spikes made of adamantium. Why?
  2. Why Wolverine was able to survive the bonding process but Victor will not if he too were to go through the same process? Don't they both share the same healing abilities?
Apparently Marvel is going to produce more Origins titles if Wolverine goes well - which, judging by numerous other reviews on the internet, it is going to be a success. There are already talks on doing X-men Origins: Magneto.