Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NXe knee pads for sale SOLD

I'm selling off my NXe knee pads.

I bought them a few weeks ago because my knees were hurting, needed knee protection desperately. They gave plenty of protection, you won't feel a thing when kneeling down on your knees. They also felt comfortable, breatheable and gave freedom of motion, but the size-L i got doesn't quite fit me. After using it once during training, my knees were hurting again, not because of sliding and diving, but because the knee pads were too tight.

Letting go at
RM80. Still in good condition, comes with original packaging. Read more about it on my previous post.

Those interested please leave a comment, and don't forget to include your contact so i can get back to you. Your privacy is assured, i will read but won't publish them.

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