Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Acronyms

These few days, there are certain matters that keep popping up in my head. Funny thing is, all of them are in acronyms... :)

First, there are the PBs, which are my current priorities. One stands for paintball, and another stands for...< insert your guess here >
(i'm not telling the whole world about my personal life ^u^)

There's the My-NPL, which will be my first major paintball tournament. Tried out the tournament's field 2 over the weekend. With the crazy snakes, this event will sure be an interesting one to watch. We will be travelling to PJ on valentine's day to take part, and perhaps skip Friday's class. Then there's RM, which I need desperately for the tournament. Hopefully I will get enough cash by 14th Feb...

There's also CNY, everyone's favourite event of the year... well at least for those unmarried. With the economic recession, angpows will be a blessing for us single people, and headache for those hitched. Hoho, angpows will probably solve my RM problem. For those of you who are really kind enough to help me out, have some CNY spirit and send me digital angpows by clicking on the 'Donate' button on the right!! Hehe... (I know no one is crazy enough to donate, but I still want to write this... It's my blog, I write whatever I want...^u^)

At college, i keep thinking about SCR. For those who are not in the electronics field, SCR stands for Silicon-Controlled Rectifier. We need to complete 2 experiments on SCRs before CNY, and I'm still gong gong about what they are and their characteristics, ish...

Lastly, there's LPC's new blog!! Hohoho, after so long, she finally started her own blog, a pictureless blog, LOL... With her blur blur and funny and bubbly and sarcastic and shopaholic nature, it'll sure be an interesting read, keep on writing!!

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