Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Tournament

"Got owned big time..."

Hohoho... finally, i got to participate in a tournament, albeit only a small one. It was the Penang X-Flow 3on3 Paintball Challenge, held on the 27th and 28th of December 2008 in the Penang Municipal Park, aka Youth Park.

Got to the field at 7am on day1, it was still dark and we were the first team to arrive. We were playing the first game of the day. The very first game in my very first tournament, and we won easily.... but the rest of the day, we got wasted big time.

Although we lost most of the games, it was still a great tournament for us. We played against some big names in the local paintball scene, the pros, gained some really valuable experience...

Of all the 15 games we played, two of them were the most unforgettable. In one, i managed to move up all the way up to their dead box and bunkered one guy, unfortunately i didn't know another one of his teammate was still in the game and got myself shot in neck - the most painful shot in the whole tournament.

Another game was even more exciting. Off the break, laned one guy out (we have no idea who hit him though... :)), then i moved up the dorito side and got another. I didn't know where the third guy was, until the marshall went to paint-check the guy and gave his location away, hoho... i just ran up straight to him and gave him a few shots. He didn't even know i was there, big surprise for him. Afterwards..... My first flag-hang!!! Woohoo!!

Out of the 12 teams that registered, one didn't show up, one pulled out. Our team was placed number 10th. We may be the last team, but we still won a few games. Considering that, of the 3 players on our team, one has had no tournament experience, one has only played in Division4, and another one has never played paintball b4, we actually did pretty good. Plus we were using semi-auto while the other teams were all in ramping mode! I think our team used the least paint, only 3 and a half boxes...

After the event we got this lousy plastic medal...

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