Sunday, January 4, 2009

4th Jan

Hohoho.... newly cut grass and a new layout, the field looks so new. These two days at the field, my hands were so tired from all the labour - grass cutting, bunker moving, spike hammering...

Anyway, next week's going to be busy again, a big group is coming to play, perhaps the biggest group i have seen yet...

Today we played some games with two walk-ins. I fared really bad. I realized my problem is all these while, i had been playing without a real game plan! Will have to work on my game planning more if i ever want to win any games...

Notes to self:
  • Game plan! Game plan! Don't play without a game plan!
  • Part of game planning - identify your own advantages, and use them to the maximum. The same goes to weaknesses.
  • Be aware of everyone on the field as much as possible - all teammates and opponents - don't just focus on one part of the action.

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