Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Cake...

Thanks to those from work...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paintball Sejarah

Found this great site on paintball history. The founders, the first markers, the first tournament.... it's all here. Take a look...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

23rd Aug Training

Two weeks absent from training due to exams. Now back in the game.

Found that knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Still having my marker down at the wrong time at the wrong place. Be aware of the field and ever ready to shoot!! As someone used to say, have to set it into the unconscious mind... have to go back to the good old visualization technique.

New member joined today, did 1 on 2 with us against Mr Captain. Aiyo, lost 2 games out of 3 games, if tournament like that sure bo bin, after game won't take off mask liao don't show my face...

And then it's off to endurance training, running to and fro across the field until my legs got muscle cramp, even have to carry someone close to 70kg and run (FYI, i'm below 60kg).

Hope the cramps won't come back when i'm working 2moro...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Song For My Friend

"The One Man Band"

Thanks to the inspiration and encouragement from my dear friend Adele, i've successfully recorded my first song... woohoo!!
Well actually it's not written by me, but who cares, i sang and played it!!

This afternoon so sien nothing to do, so took my laptop into my studio aka bedroom to record a simple guitar melody for her. Sitting there looking for a programme to record, i stumbled upon this mixer thing in my laptop, which i didn't even know was there.

So after playing the guitar part, the musician inside me got more adventurous and added vocals, but then still bo kam buan want to do some percussion. Eventually one thing let to another, and it ended up with vocals, guitar, piano, drums, background vocals...... And it actually sounds great!

Adele, don't forget you owe me your song...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Downpour mayhem

"Rained like cats and dogs and rats and donkeys and ducks and chickens and......"

Was in college for a meeting. Half-way through, it started to rain. Being a new building, the new campus should hold up pretty well against the elements, but guess what, it leaks. We were sitting there and the water was dripping beside us. And then the fire-alarm suddenly went off and the lifts were all shut down. Some thundering must have set it off. The guards and lecturers were all like, what's going on what's going on, running up and down here and there. Saw SMS running down from his office in a panicky manner. Iwas sitting at the 'cyber cafe' (don't know what that place is called) waiting for the rain to stop and watching the little commotion.

On the drive back home, met with a flood on a section of the road. Everyone was turning back looking for an alternate route. I thought the water can't be that deep, so i was like the only one to drive on. In the end, water gushed into the passenger side floor. Don't know why, but i stepped on the accelerator even more. Felt like sitting in a motor boat with waves riding up so high on both sides of the car...

Later found out that my father was met with the same situation, but he slowed down instead of gaining speed, ended up having water going in through the exhaust and engine died, had to walk all the way back home. Was glad i followed my instinct to step on the accelerator and do the motor boat effect... hehehe.

Didn't get to take any pics of the flood, was busy maneuvering my boat.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Woohoo... It's now post-exam season!! In fact, it's post-1st year season!! Woohoo again!!

The day b4 the last paper, went to bed at 3am, was studying about frequency response and filter. But in the exam only one or two questions were asked about that topic...swt. But with the lack of sleep, after the exam still has so much energy to go around here and there, wonder why i don't have that kind of energy pre-exam, hmm...

Right after the paper went for Kenny Roger's!! Even though Kenny Roger's is all about the chicken, the most memorable thing for me is the banana muffin. MmmMmm, hard on the crust, soft on the inside...

After getting so kenyang from the chicken, went to get my elbow pads. Initially was going to get some cheap ones, but all the sizes can't fit me except Dye's, plus they offered me a great price. So now i'm a proud owner of a pair of Dye Core 2008 Elbow Pads, the ones used by Ollie Lang and gang!!

And at night went to mamak with jack and kok and shir until 11. Funny how studying for exams can easily doze off, even with 8 hours of sleep, and now post-exam with little sleep still not so sleepy...

My 1st year in inti has ended, and it's time for the 2nd year. No more fooling around liao, no more last minute revision liao. Got to study hard, and play harder (with my new pads...literally)!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Malaysian Archers Missed The Semis

Just an hour ago, the Malaysian archers lost to the Italians in the Beijing 2008 men's team recurve quarter-final match.

The Malaysian trio proved to be a great challenge to the Italians in the first half, with just one point behind the Italians. However, pressure got the better of them in the second half and caused their consistency to drop. The Italians took advantage of this. They were pretty relaxed and controlled. The final score for the 24-arrow shoot is 213-218. In a major international event such as this, 5 points means A LOT!

The Malaysian archers have been improving all these while, this is the first ever olympic outing for a Malaysian archery team. Apparently, the improvements are still not enough. 4 years ago Malaysia was represented in the female individual recurve event, which also failed to bring home any medals. Hope next time around there will be better results. Go Malaysia!!

P.S. - Haven't posted anything in a while now cause it's exam season. Hope my Electromagnetism paper tomorrow will fare better then the archers....:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Training on 2 Aug 2008

Ho... 2day had my first experience of being a marshall. There's nothing to it, just stood there keeping watch. Can't expect much from marshalling a casual recreational game...

Anyway, i'm still way behind the others. I had no kills and plenty of deaths. My list of hits includes a forehead shot, a thigh shot, wrist shot, chest shot, a back shot... This is by far the most shots i ever received in a paintball session, thanks to more and more e-marker's arrival.

Later in the afternoon did some snap shooting. Man i tell you, this really is a demanding sport. Did 50 shots on each hand and my thighs and back are already killing me!! Lean out, lean in, lean out, lean in, lean out, lean in....

The last part in the late evening was the most fun, albeit wasting paint and being already so tired - laning the other team while they do the breakout. Woo!! i tell you, they really got covered in paint!! Now i know why they say the first 15 seconds of the game is the most important.

I guess i should list down my mistakes and things i learned from this session, as a reminder.
  • Always steer clear of tunnel vision, it's already too late when you realized it.
  • Play tight, hug the bunker. Minimum exposure means minimum danger. And watch the marker, the mighty hopper can be an easy target.
  • Always keep marker in shooting position.
  • Don't overshoot or run straight into a bunker!! That's an idiot's job!!
  • Do the unexpected!! Predictable people get shot.
  • Seize the chance. The window for making a move is only so small, so don't hesitate!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Something to think about...

Have you ever questioned yourself about the people around you? Why they would want to be your friend? Is it because they want something from you? Or is it because they are forced to? Why do most people think that people want to get close to us because they want something back? Or that we want to get close to someone because we want something from them? Can't we just be close to someone just for the sake of being with them? Can't we get close to someone without wanting anything in return? A relationship is not something that can be bought, it just happens, it's free to take and free to give, without conditions.

If relationships really must be bought, have you ever asked yourself what happens when you ran out of 'money'? Does that mean that the relationship is over? Does that mean that you have to give up the relationship? Do you really want to be in that kind of relationship? Is there really something as an unconditional relationship?

Have you ever look at children in pre-schools? They can have different gender, race, looks; but they don't care about any of those stuff. Everyone of them came from different backgrounds, and yet they can mingle with each other, have fun. Their naive mind doesn't doubt anyone, they don't have to worry about things that we seem to be so obsessed with, no pressure in knowing new friends, no worries about how people think of them, and they don't expect much in return. If only we can be like that...

Have you ever think about it when someone tells you to 'Grow up and get a life', is there even any truth in what they're saying? 'Growing up and get a life' only makes you forget about your true self and force you to live with what is known as 'reality'. 'Growing up and get a life' is ignoring who we really are, to be someone we are not, just so people can accept us. 'Growing up' is not the way to 'get a life'...

A friend told me, "when we are borned into this world, we are like a piece of white blank paper. How that piece of paper is filled up with words depends on how we are brought up". Honestly, I don't know what she is talking about, but i have my own saying. "When we are born into this world we are like a piece of white blank paper. Don't let life write junks on it or tear it up, instead write your own story and keep the paper in one piece".

Now where did i put my pen...