Monday, August 18, 2008

Downpour mayhem

"Rained like cats and dogs and rats and donkeys and ducks and chickens and......"

Was in college for a meeting. Half-way through, it started to rain. Being a new building, the new campus should hold up pretty well against the elements, but guess what, it leaks. We were sitting there and the water was dripping beside us. And then the fire-alarm suddenly went off and the lifts were all shut down. Some thundering must have set it off. The guards and lecturers were all like, what's going on what's going on, running up and down here and there. Saw SMS running down from his office in a panicky manner. Iwas sitting at the 'cyber cafe' (don't know what that place is called) waiting for the rain to stop and watching the little commotion.

On the drive back home, met with a flood on a section of the road. Everyone was turning back looking for an alternate route. I thought the water can't be that deep, so i was like the only one to drive on. In the end, water gushed into the passenger side floor. Don't know why, but i stepped on the accelerator even more. Felt like sitting in a motor boat with waves riding up so high on both sides of the car...

Later found out that my father was met with the same situation, but he slowed down instead of gaining speed, ended up having water going in through the exhaust and engine died, had to walk all the way back home. Was glad i followed my instinct to step on the accelerator and do the motor boat effect... hehehe.

Didn't get to take any pics of the flood, was busy maneuvering my boat.

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