Monday, August 11, 2008

Malaysian Archers Missed The Semis

Just an hour ago, the Malaysian archers lost to the Italians in the Beijing 2008 men's team recurve quarter-final match.

The Malaysian trio proved to be a great challenge to the Italians in the first half, with just one point behind the Italians. However, pressure got the better of them in the second half and caused their consistency to drop. The Italians took advantage of this. They were pretty relaxed and controlled. The final score for the 24-arrow shoot is 213-218. In a major international event such as this, 5 points means A LOT!

The Malaysian archers have been improving all these while, this is the first ever olympic outing for a Malaysian archery team. Apparently, the improvements are still not enough. 4 years ago Malaysia was represented in the female individual recurve event, which also failed to bring home any medals. Hope next time around there will be better results. Go Malaysia!!

P.S. - Haven't posted anything in a while now cause it's exam season. Hope my Electromagnetism paper tomorrow will fare better then the archers....:)

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