Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Song For My Friend

"The One Man Band"

Thanks to the inspiration and encouragement from my dear friend Adele, i've successfully recorded my first song... woohoo!!
Well actually it's not written by me, but who cares, i sang and played it!!

This afternoon so sien nothing to do, so took my laptop into my studio aka bedroom to record a simple guitar melody for her. Sitting there looking for a programme to record, i stumbled upon this mixer thing in my laptop, which i didn't even know was there.

So after playing the guitar part, the musician inside me got more adventurous and added vocals, but then still bo kam buan want to do some percussion. Eventually one thing let to another, and it ended up with vocals, guitar, piano, drums, background vocals...... And it actually sounds great!

Adele, don't forget you owe me your song...

1 comment:

Adele said...

Hey! Hehe first off, I absolutely absolutely thank you for your effort! You are definitely the greatest one man band of all time =) You've definitely made my day!

"To Wei Chun: Thanks and congratulations, you're undeniably one talented guy! (not surprised that you'll get a record label someday.haha) and...
To everybody else: Behind these blog entries and behind everything that is Wei Chun, lies a true talented singer, guitarist and friend for all time. Thanks a million =)"

A song away,