Thursday, January 28, 2010

Field Closed for Thaipusam

The Pulau Tikus area is always jammed and crowded during the Thaipusam festival, especially along the stretch of road leading to the Municipal Park.

IA wants to use the padang as car park for the festival, hence the field will be closed this weekend. Woohoo!! No work this weekend!!

The guy in-charged of the car park requested to use the paintball field for parking too. With everyone busy and getting ready for My-NPL this weekend, I had to go to the field alone early this morning to move the bunkers and open up the netting to let cars in. Then I had rush back to make it in time for my 12 o'clock class. Tiring...

I will not be going to any paintball tournaments this year due to my studies and financial status. All the best to my paintmates who'll be competing in My-NPL. Go Penang!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year New Sponsors

From what I've read from the internet these few weeks, I've come to realize that the infrastructure of any paintball team is never permanent.

From 2009 to 2010, several pro teams are seeing changes in their team's infrastructure.

LA Infamous and SD Aftermath have combined to become one team, known as LA Infamous. In 2009 Aftermath was sponsored by Luxe for their markers, and Infamous by Planet Eclipse. After the merger they'll be using Bob Longs. (FYI, Infamous originally shot Timmys before being sponsored by Planet Eclipse.) Can't wait to see the Infamous Victory...

The Bob Long 2006 Infamous Intimidator.
They're already using an LCD screen back then!!

Last year's PSP champ, the Russian Legion, have changed sponsors for the new season too. They're no longer with Bob Long, and will be using MacDev markers this season.

Dynasty also have changed their marker sponsorship. They a Smart Parts sponsored team for a long time, but since Smart Parts are now having trouble holding their own, they've switched over to Planet Eclipse. Get ready to see Dynasty private label Egos and Geos soon...

Dynasty is now E-mortal!!

The two new pro teams moving up from semi-pro - Vicious and World Famous Entourage (formerly known as Dynasty Entourage) - will also see some changes in sponsorship. Vicious will now have a 'proper' jersey by Empire, and Entourage will be shooting private label Marq Victories.

Greg Pauley of team Vicious with their new Empire jersey.

XSV will also be changing gun sponsors for 2010. They have been using Egos since 2005, when the first ever Ego came out. After being with PE for so long, they've finally switched. They will be shooting the new 2010 Alien Independence for next season. Rich Telford and Junior Brown tested the markers before closing the deal, and it seems that they were very happy with how it performed.

Last but not least, a new team will be shooting Azodin markers!! Yes you read that right, Azodin!! I'm not giving out any details just yet, you all will have to wait to find out... :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dye NT Zombie Nation

We all know that Dye introduced graphics anodizing for the NT line of markers, and called it the PGA (Proprietary Graphics Anodizing) technology. What a fancy name to boost sales...

They have recently unveiled a new design - the Zombie Nation.

IMO, this is one of the sexiest markers in the market today. I really like the red and black combination, especially the glossy red color. *drools*

It's priced the same as the other PGA-ed NT.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IPC January Game Day


We will be organizing a paintball game this Sunday for all Inti Penang staffs and students.

Guys or gals, young or old - everyone is welcomed to join!!

Come visit the Team Building booth at Inti's lobby area for more info. The booth will be there all week long (18th Jan ~ 22nd Jan).

Here's the location of the paintball field, taken from Google Maps.

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FYP, haiz....

Every final year student has to do a final year project. It is suppose to be a fun thing, at least that was what i thought. Who knows the project could cost so much...

A typical hardware-based project could easily cost up to the hundreds. Some suggest that a software based project might be cheaper as we do not need to purchase any expensive parts. The problem is, I'm not very good in programming.

A few classmates of mine found a personal tutor that would help us with the programming, but with a fee involved, which will then make it as expensive as a hardware-based project.

Haiz... I've already stopped all paintball tournaments this year, yet I'm still so in need of cash....

What to do, they say money makes the world go round.

If the notes do not want to be my friend, then I guess I'll have to work super hard to brush up my programming skills on my own...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Another big project by James Cameron, way bigger than Titanic.

I've read mixed reviews on the internet about the movie. Some say the movie is superb, with breath-taking scenery that must be watched to believe. Others say that the story line is lame, using the same old Wealth-Is-Not-Important-But-Mother-Nature-Is formula. After watching for myself, I kind of agree with both.

First of all, the CGI is amazing, it just blows you away! I did not watch the 3D version because previous 3D movies didn't give me any good impressions, they were just so so. But for Avatar, the 2D version is already so beautiful, I wonder how will the 3D version look like. I'm thinking of watching it again in 3D after hearing people everywhere say that the movie looks so much better is 3D.

Secondly, there is a lot of creativity and imagination thrown into the movie, which is always a good thing. Movie goers are tired of seeing the same scenes and settings over and over again. Give them a never-before-seen scenery in a never-before-heard alien planet, they'll sure be too curious not to buy tickets. Throw in some 3D effect, and you'll have the ratings hitting the roof!

While everything was great, the story line was nothing new. Foreigners coming to a new land and try to dominate the primitives and control their resources, sounds familiar? (Think Pocahontas) Everything about the movie is quite memorable - the creatures, the Na'vi, the language, the robots and machinery, the scenery - Everything except the story line....

Highly recommended. If you enjoyed movies such as LOTR, you will not be disappointed. The CGI alone is enough for a reason to sit through 2 hours 40 minutes in the cinema, just don't expect to have an amazing storyline to go along with it.

Interesting fact: A new language was actually created for the Na'vi in the movie, by a professor from the University of Southern California!! (click here for the link)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Sherlock Holmes

They really changed the look of Sherlock Holmes.

The image I had of the man was totally different from the movie version:

He doesn't fight.
He carries around a magnifying glass.
He wears a weird hat and coat.
He is very tidy and highly organized.
He treats Dr Watson nicely.

But in the movie, he doesn't have a magnifying glass, his room is a mess, he annoys Dr Watson, and he fights like a seasoned pro.

Like I said in one of my previous post, I like a movie that makes you think, even after the show has ended. Sherlock Holmes fitted this criteria well.

Throughout the film, clues after clues were presented to the viewer, all of which seem to be connected, yet impossible to fit together. Every little detail the characters do is part of the puzzle. I felt an information overload, too many clues to process. But fret not because in the end, the clues are all brilliantly put together and explained. So sit back, enjoy the movie, and try not to think too hard to solve the mystery yourself.

Overall, this movie is quite entertaining, highly recommended.

I don't understand one thing though. The bad guy said he needed Holmes's help later to complete his evil plan. What exactly did he want Holmes to do? He said Holmes is essential in his master plan, but later tries to blow him to smithereens at the pier?

A big question mark.