Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Another big project by James Cameron, way bigger than Titanic.

I've read mixed reviews on the internet about the movie. Some say the movie is superb, with breath-taking scenery that must be watched to believe. Others say that the story line is lame, using the same old Wealth-Is-Not-Important-But-Mother-Nature-Is formula. After watching for myself, I kind of agree with both.

First of all, the CGI is amazing, it just blows you away! I did not watch the 3D version because previous 3D movies didn't give me any good impressions, they were just so so. But for Avatar, the 2D version is already so beautiful, I wonder how will the 3D version look like. I'm thinking of watching it again in 3D after hearing people everywhere say that the movie looks so much better is 3D.

Secondly, there is a lot of creativity and imagination thrown into the movie, which is always a good thing. Movie goers are tired of seeing the same scenes and settings over and over again. Give them a never-before-seen scenery in a never-before-heard alien planet, they'll sure be too curious not to buy tickets. Throw in some 3D effect, and you'll have the ratings hitting the roof!

While everything was great, the story line was nothing new. Foreigners coming to a new land and try to dominate the primitives and control their resources, sounds familiar? (Think Pocahontas) Everything about the movie is quite memorable - the creatures, the Na'vi, the language, the robots and machinery, the scenery - Everything except the story line....

Highly recommended. If you enjoyed movies such as LOTR, you will not be disappointed. The CGI alone is enough for a reason to sit through 2 hours 40 minutes in the cinema, just don't expect to have an amazing storyline to go along with it.

Interesting fact: A new language was actually created for the Na'vi in the movie, by a professor from the University of Southern California!! (click here for the link)

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