Thursday, January 28, 2010

Field Closed for Thaipusam

The Pulau Tikus area is always jammed and crowded during the Thaipusam festival, especially along the stretch of road leading to the Municipal Park.

IA wants to use the padang as car park for the festival, hence the field will be closed this weekend. Woohoo!! No work this weekend!!

The guy in-charged of the car park requested to use the paintball field for parking too. With everyone busy and getting ready for My-NPL this weekend, I had to go to the field alone early this morning to move the bunkers and open up the netting to let cars in. Then I had rush back to make it in time for my 12 o'clock class. Tiring...

I will not be going to any paintball tournaments this year due to my studies and financial status. All the best to my paintmates who'll be competing in My-NPL. Go Penang!!

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