Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Those were the times...

Went up to the college library, nothing to do so took a few pics of the old campus from the library window. FYI, there was no class 2day. Went to hand in my report and met the guys there so decided to hang out for a while.

Old campus... missed those days over there. The corridor, the benches, where a bunch of students would hang out before and after class, some even during class!! The field, where we have to walk across from the car park and got those sticky grass thingy stuck to our pants, which we need to painstakingly brush off later. The parking spots, where empty ones doesn't come by too often, where we used to circle around and around hoping a vacant spot will show up. The mini 'taman' in Block A and Block B, where we sat around looking at passer-bys and criticise whatever they were wearing. The library, which is way bigger than the current one, where empty seats are always available, although i don't use the library very often.

Life in old campus was so much better than in the new one. Less stress, and always seemed like there's more to life, a 2moro to look forward to, like i'm getting into something great in this phase of my life... Now college life feels so dull and pointless. Miss those days...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Training on 26th July 2008

Everyone of my Saturdays has been the same, wake up late, skip breakfast, laze around with a sleepy face...but 2day was different, cause it's my first day of paintball training!!

Woke up late again 2day so have to rush to the field, had to eat breakfast while driving... When i reached there i thought i was going to be late, but turns out some team building people are playing so our training hasn't started yet....wooo.

My first day there's already an injury, a girl hurt her knee and were unable to play, ke lian her. Found out most of the people there are still considered newbies, but still i'm way behind a long way to go.

The marker i used is some house marker bought by the college (Spyder TL-X). Useable, but not in good condition. The bolt has scratches on it, the barrel has scratches in it, the bolt got stuck at one point, and the drop forward was a little loose. But what the hell, i don't have to pay for it...hehehe.

The first game was a blur, zero field awareness. Even though everyone was shouting and relaying information on the field, i couldn't understand them, i was in total blur. Then i got shot out by a black epiphany. 1 death 0 kill. The 3 on 3 second round at least i got someone when some angmo came and decided to join us, they were wearing short pants and slippers!! Then we play 2 on 3, JC and i against the angmos. It was going well until that bugger angmo still shoots at me after i hit his hopper. WTF!! (After the game i talked to him, apparently he doesn't know that a hit on the hopper is still considered a hit.) He was stubborn to stay in there and guarding the lane, have to go around the other side and that's when i got shot by another angmo... or else the game would have gone in our favour. But in the end JC still managed to win, 1 on 3!! WooHoo!!

After that went to have lunner (a new term by me, lunch+dinner) at PizzaHut, wearing our playing apparels!! Everyone was looking at us like we're from the zoo or something...

This was the most tiring paintball game i ever played, have to hit the gym more often to build stamina liao... only 3 more months to tourney!!! But first i have to get some pads, crawling on sand was not as harmless as i thought.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Inch...

'bo long diu...'
My one inch parking.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Got my pants & gloves liao!!

"Someone Shoot Me In The Legs!!"

Got my Dye C6 pants and Proto 07 gloves 2day. Since they're second hand items, some wear are visible. But still, they serve their purpose. After some touching-up using super glue, some thread and a needle, they look a lot better. There's a hole at the tip of the right index finger though, but doesn't matter as i'll be cutting away the fingers soon. And you know what? I got both for only RM200! What a bargain! Nothing to complain.

P.S. - Previous owner's a really nice guy, semangat in promoting paintball. Thumbs up for him...

Friday, July 18, 2008

This could be your ticket to the riches!

Dear readers,

I stumbled upon this website that claims it can help you generate some serious side income. All you have to do is to register with them, and then take some time to setup your account. After that you just sit and wait for the cheques to come to you! And signing up is totally free!

I've been using another site similar to this, where you sign up and become a member, and they pay you commissions from their advertising revenue for referring more members. And let me tell you, these systems work, the only condition is that you need to refer people and the people you refer refer more people and on and on and on. Everyone works and everyone get paid. And the amazing thing is, once you've refer enough people under you, you can just sit and do nothing, waiting for your downlines to refer more people under you. You don't have to lift a finger!!

I know i know, you're probably thinking there must be some catch. The truth is, there are none!! This thing is totally free! How can this be possible? It's because by giving it out free, more and more people will be willing to sign up, which will then increase the number of downline referrals, which in turn will increase the advertising revenue, which in turn will help whoever has joined this system to earn even more!! Makes sense right?

So people, don't linger on anymore, go to the link below to see for yourself what this is all about. Don't worry if you have doubts on how to setup your account and get it running, once you've signed up, you'll receive step-by-step instructions on the how-to's.

You have nothing to lose!! Signing up is totally free and you don't have to give them confidential information (e.g. - house address, credit card number...). No harm in trying it out, if you don't like what you see, you can just bail out anytime you want without paying a single cent.

Here is the link:

Thanks for spending some time on this, you won't regret it.

Yours sincerely,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Got my boots liao!!

"These boots are made for running...."

For a guy who doesn't play football to buy football boots... what a milestone!! Got my very first football boots today (or should i say paintball boots?). Looked around the whole mall and all i see are Nikes, Adidas, Pumas... too expensive la. Then finally saw this one, black and white with traces of red, it's a Topper!! Now there will be no more shoe mishaps in the field...

BTW, what's the correct way to tie the laces? Wrap it around the bottom? Around the ankles? Gosh, why can't football boots be tied like a normal shoe...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First ever paintball game in IICP

IICP finally has its own paintball field...woohoo!!
(Actually there was a paintball field in the old campus, so this should be the second one)

The field is in the basement carpark, the one with all the mud when it rains (mud fight, anyone?). Old and broken lockers, tables, kitchen sinks, cupboard...all the junks from the old campus were used as bunkers. Some of them are so portable that you can even run around the field holding it...WTF!!!

Today's game was the very first to be played there, felt the field has too much open spaces, too few bunkers. But the field is still under construction, will keep on upgrading. I took one shot to my abs, and i wasn't even playing at that time, just went in there to take pics...swt.

On weekdays the field will be converted back into a carpark, but still leaving behind 'bullet holes' on the wall of course...

P.S. - I'm the cameraman, so you don't get to see me in the pics...hehehe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diehard 5.0

News bulletin!! Diehard 5.0 just released!! The story goes something like this...

" Somewhere in Penang in some college, a hacker is stealing people's identities. Invisible and untraceable, using lab computers as his tools for destruction, he threatens to disrupt the fragile infrastructure of the internet community. Unsuspecting students slowly fall into his hands, one by one, byte by byte, bit by bit. Victims find themselves losing their sense of belonging, no longer in control of what they do and who they are. Chaos ensues...

Only one man is up to his league, strong enough to take him on. Only one man can restore order to this world. Only in one man we find hope. The students are crying out for his name...PAUL C.!!!

Can our hero live up to his name? Will everything fall into pieces? Find it out at a computer lab near you... "

Monday, July 7, 2008

Paintball For Dummies

They say sharing is a virtue....and i say it's true. So to keep up with this spirit, i'd like to share some info on paintball with all you guys.

Call it a sport, call it a hobby, call it a recreational activity....whatever you call it, paintball is gaining popularity. (i can rhyme!!)
One day your pals might ask you to tag along for a game, so read up and be glad that you know a thing or two about the game.

Paintball is kinda like a cross between hide-and-seek, football, basketball, softball, netball, captain ball...any games with balls. The only difference is players get to carry 'guns' and 'kill' each other (and looking so sick and cool while doing it...). The 'guns' are called markers and the 'bullets' are paint filled gelatin capsules which breaks upon impact, leaving a mark on the target.

The game started in the US. Some farmers came up with the idea of tagging their livestocks with paint. Later some adrenaline-seeking guy turned it into a game to hunt people. It then slowly developed into the game of paintball we know today.

Types of Paintball
There are a lot of different playing styles, but the two most distinct formats are speedball and woodsball.

Woodsball, the primitive form of paintball, is played in the woods. Playing areas are normally large and each game session can lasts for hours. This is a more 'military' style of playing, where players wear camouflage and use military tactics to hunt down their opponents. A variation of woodsball, called recball (short for recreational paintball), is also played. Recball is played in urban settings, eg. houses, car park, etc. In Penang more people are playing recball because firstly, the fields are much smaller, opponents are easier to find and it's harder to get lost. Secondly, Penang people are so used to living in the city that they cannot tahan being in the woods, crouched in the bushes with creepy crawlies all over their pants, buzzing mosquitoes above their heads, holding their breath, waiting for the unsuspecting victim to pass by and then give 'em a headshot...BANG!! Thirdly, land prices in Penang are going off the charts, smaller fields means lower costs for setting LKL would say "it's all about saving costs...".

Speedball games are typically tournament style games, played on an enclosed empty field. Air filled bunkers are placed symmetrically on both sides of the field for fairness and equality. Players prefer to wear brightly colored apparels to better distinguish themselves from the opponent. Speedball, as the name suggests, is fast paced and more intense, so fast that each game can be over in a few minutes. Noobs may find themselves shot out even before they have a chance to pull the trigger!! Crazy stunts are performed here (superman dives!!), what diehard paintball maniacs like to do all too often. Fast electronic markers capable of firing up to 20 ball per second are used to keep up with the speed of the game.

maybe this guy is soulja boy?? lol

The Toys!!
Paintball arsenals are just so much to list down. The markers alone can be divided into mechanical and electronic. Then the mechanical markers can be divided into pump action or semi-auto or full-auto. Then there are short ones, there are long ones, there are realistic ones, there are futuristic looking ones.....bla bla bla. But all of them shoots paint with air pressure. But then there are markers that use compressed CO2, markers that use compressed nitrogen...bla bla bla. But all of them get the air pressure from air tanks. But then there are aluminum tanks, there are carbon fiber tanks, there are remote tanks that are strapped on to the players, there are tanks that are attached to the marker itself, there are tanks with syphons, there are tanks without syphons....bla bla bla. But all of these different markers have one thing in common, they are fed with paintballs from a loader/hopper. But then there are force fed loaders, there are non-force fed loaders, there are wounded loaders...bla bla bla. It just goes on and on and on...

The Proto Matrix 8....
(hint: my birthday is in August... **blink blink**)

Statictics from insurance companies have shown that paintball is one of the safest sports, way safer than football and hockey. But this can only be achieved with safetly precautions.

Every person who enters the playing area MUST have a paintball mask on. The mask is probably one of the single most important equipment in paintball, they prevent your eyeballs from getting replaced with a paintball. You certainly do not want to be this guy.

Some paintballs are also designed to break if it is shot too hard. The safe velocity for a paintball is below 300 fps (feet per second), that's a mind-boggling speed of 329.2 km/h!! imagine being hit by something that fast... However, most markers are set to fire at around 280 fps (307.2 km/h).

Gear up people!!
Paintball has the excitement of football, the surprise element of hide-and-seek, the satisfaction of badminton, the intensity of swimming, the fun of squash, the sheer pleasures of shooting people and the pain of getting shot...paintball has everything!! So people, lock and load...give that trigger happy finger some exercise.
Anyone interested can call me up, i'm free for a game anytime....(",)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Penang Monorail Project Report

Team members:
Project Manager - Tan
Chief Mechanical Engineer - Looi
Chief Electrical Engineer - Teo
Chief Materials/Chemical Engineer - Ang
Finance and Marketing - C. Mogen

To design and build Penang's very first environmental friendly, energy-efficient, low-cost and user friendly state-of-the-art monorail system.

  • High tensile strength waterproof composite paper
  • Heat-resistive antimicrobial waterproof malleable conducting paper
  • Low friction highly flexible ferromagnetic Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Energy-absorbing photosensitive biochemical sponge
  • Low power consumption self-sustainable laser cutter
  • Fast-setting non-corrosive multi-purpose adhesive

Research and Planning:
One of the main objective for this project is to build an emission free, energy saving transport system for Penang, connecting every town and district within the island. A few ideas were suggested by the R&D team. The ideas are listed below:

1) Water propelled
Uses water flow as the primary force to move the carriages. Water will be stored in a reservoir and pumped into the track to create water flow. To promote recycling, water from reservoir is sourced from sewage systems throughout the island.
  • pros: minimum energy usage, water cheap and readily available, emission free, less prone to breakdowns - remains functional during power failure.
  • cons: dries up quick in hot weather, leveling problem - track has to be completely level or water will overflow, limited speed, water from sewage system is smelly
2) Magnetic levitation
Inspired by the great Mr.Leong, carriages are magnetically levitated. Electromagnetic rings are placed at intervals along the track to provide magnetic force for driving the carriages.
  • pros: pollutant-free, noise-free, low friction between carriage and track, able to achieve high speeds, minimum energy usage, minimum wear - no contact between carriage and track
  • cons: higher costs, sophisticated maintenance work
3) Engine driven
The conventional rail system. Carriage powered by engine.
  • pros: readily available design and technology, proven reliability
  • cons: consumes energy, pollutants from engine emission, higher friction due to heavier carriages - lost of energy
The engine driven system does not meet our objective of energy-efficient state-of-the-art monorail system. The water based system meets every part of our objective except not being environmental friendly. It also cannot achieve high speed due to restriction of water flow. After throughout researching and discussion, it is decided that the monorail be built using the magnetic levitation system. This project is code named 'Monorail Of The Future'.

Task Distribution:
Work on the monorail prototype started as soon as the plan was drawn up. Tasks were assigned to each engineering department. Chief mechanical engineer Looi was assigned the task of designing the monorail station and track, particularly the docking of carriages and changing of tracks. The task of designing the elevation system and the magnetic propulsion system was assigned to the electrical engineering department lead by Teo. Construction of the carriage and station, as well as R&D for materials were supervised by Ang. All expenses and research sponsorships were managed by Mogen. The project manager supervises the project as a whole.

Monorail Design and Construction:
Stations are designed in the shape of tubes, coherent with the shape of the magnetic propulsion device. Inside the station, the track moves the train to a certain velocity, once outside the station, the magnetic propulsion device will be the one pulling the train forward. The device is an electromagnetic ring placed along the track at intervals, and only turns on for a short while just before the train passes through it, pulling it forward. The train gains momentum as it passes through several of these rings. The rate of acceleration can be controlled by the magnetic field intensity generated from the ring. When decelerating, the same principle is applied in reverse. The electromagnetic ring is activated for a short while soon as the train passes through it, pulling the train backwards.
Conventional brakes are also used, but only as reinforcements.

The current used to induce the electromagnetic rings are generated from inside the carriage. Our singing crazy electrical engineer, Teo, came up with idea of converting sound energy into electrical energy, producing current. Passengers in the monorail are required to sing in order to move the train. Because acceleration is controlled by the magnetic field intensity, which is related to the current, the louder the singing is, the faster the train goes!

Our electrical engineer
singing his lungs out during
of the energy converter....
"ta bu shi yi ge hao nan ren...."

The tracks are constructed from low friction highly flexible magnetic Polyvinyl Chloride, specially developed by our R&D department for this project. It's high flexibility makes it easy to form curved tracks. The PVC has magnetic properties, enabling it to levitate the carriages. The formulation of the PVC is a copyrighted highly confidential trade secret. The bottom part of the carriages are fitted with the PVC and are of opposite polarity with the track PVC.

Our chemical engineer
in the midst of formulating
the magnetic PVC.
.........serious face.......

Every single structure in our project is built from our specially formulated high tensile strength waterproof composite paper. Light weight and able to withstand the weight equivalent to hundreds of hard cover books, the high tensile strength waterproof composite paper is a research breakthrough by our brilliant chief chemical engineer. Because our paper is so strong, we have to cut it with a low power consumption self-sustainable laser cutter invented by our R&D team.

Stress test of our high tensile strength paper...

After construction, the structures, including the monorail itself, are covered in ~ again invented by our brilliant R&D team ~ heat-resistive antimicrobial waterproof malleable conducting paper. As the name suggests, it is heat resistive so occupants and passengers will feel cool and comfortable in the hot weather, has anti-bacteria properties that automatically repels bacteria and dirt so it always stays white and clean, malleable for ease of wrapping around surface of structures, and conductive so that it is always grounded, acting like a giant lightning rod.

One of the process of making the heat-resistive conducting paper, rubbing it viciously with your hand!! Seen here is our electrical engineer doing what he does best....

For environmental purposes, not a single nail is used in the construction process. Every structure is built using a fast-setting non-corrosive multi-purpose adhesive. To add to the environmental friendliness, energy-absorbing photosensitive biochemical sponges are placed around the surroundings. What it does is it absorbs energy from the surroundings ~ light energy, sound energy, heat energy, etc ~ and feed it into the energy converter, so even when passengers of the monorail are 'emo' and in no mood to sing, an alternative source of energy is still available.

Additional Information:
Due of our team's innovative and breakthrough in R&D, the government has decided to built a commemorative plaque at every single monorail station throughout the island as a token of honour.

The very first of
our commemorative plaque
to be built....WooHooo!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New layout, new title, new me

Just changed the look and feel of my blog....what do you think of it.

I think the pic goes well with the title, the guy doing what he does without worrying about the other people around him...

" Doing what i want and what i like
without giving a damn about what people think of me
not afraid of being judged
just go ahead and follow my hunch

People come and people go
people change as time flows
but who i am and what i do
will not be abided by their rules

Let the world revolve around me
instead of me getting lost in it
Not afraid of being alone
living in a world of my own "