Saturday, July 19, 2008

Got my pants & gloves liao!!

"Someone Shoot Me In The Legs!!"

Got my Dye C6 pants and Proto 07 gloves 2day. Since they're second hand items, some wear are visible. But still, they serve their purpose. After some touching-up using super glue, some thread and a needle, they look a lot better. There's a hole at the tip of the right index finger though, but doesn't matter as i'll be cutting away the fingers soon. And you know what? I got both for only RM200! What a bargain! Nothing to complain.

P.S. - Previous owner's a really nice guy, semangat in promoting paintball. Thumbs up for him...


Mou Zheng said...

People are not interested in shooting your leg.

They prefer shooting somewhere near your leg :D:D:D

gasjatt said...

anywhere is welcomed....i have protection there too...hehehe