Saturday, July 12, 2008

First ever paintball game in IICP

IICP finally has its own paintball field...woohoo!!
(Actually there was a paintball field in the old campus, so this should be the second one)

The field is in the basement carpark, the one with all the mud when it rains (mud fight, anyone?). Old and broken lockers, tables, kitchen sinks, cupboard...all the junks from the old campus were used as bunkers. Some of them are so portable that you can even run around the field holding it...WTF!!!

Today's game was the very first to be played there, felt the field has too much open spaces, too few bunkers. But the field is still under construction, will keep on upgrading. I took one shot to my abs, and i wasn't even playing at that time, just went in there to take pics...swt.

On weekdays the field will be converted back into a carpark, but still leaving behind 'bullet holes' on the wall of course...

P.S. - I'm the cameraman, so you don't get to see me in the pics...hehehe

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