Saturday, July 26, 2008

Training on 26th July 2008

Everyone of my Saturdays has been the same, wake up late, skip breakfast, laze around with a sleepy face...but 2day was different, cause it's my first day of paintball training!!

Woke up late again 2day so have to rush to the field, had to eat breakfast while driving... When i reached there i thought i was going to be late, but turns out some team building people are playing so our training hasn't started yet....wooo.

My first day there's already an injury, a girl hurt her knee and were unable to play, ke lian her. Found out most of the people there are still considered newbies, but still i'm way behind a long way to go.

The marker i used is some house marker bought by the college (Spyder TL-X). Useable, but not in good condition. The bolt has scratches on it, the barrel has scratches in it, the bolt got stuck at one point, and the drop forward was a little loose. But what the hell, i don't have to pay for it...hehehe.

The first game was a blur, zero field awareness. Even though everyone was shouting and relaying information on the field, i couldn't understand them, i was in total blur. Then i got shot out by a black epiphany. 1 death 0 kill. The 3 on 3 second round at least i got someone when some angmo came and decided to join us, they were wearing short pants and slippers!! Then we play 2 on 3, JC and i against the angmos. It was going well until that bugger angmo still shoots at me after i hit his hopper. WTF!! (After the game i talked to him, apparently he doesn't know that a hit on the hopper is still considered a hit.) He was stubborn to stay in there and guarding the lane, have to go around the other side and that's when i got shot by another angmo... or else the game would have gone in our favour. But in the end JC still managed to win, 1 on 3!! WooHoo!!

After that went to have lunner (a new term by me, lunch+dinner) at PizzaHut, wearing our playing apparels!! Everyone was looking at us like we're from the zoo or something...

This was the most tiring paintball game i ever played, have to hit the gym more often to build stamina liao... only 3 more months to tourney!!! But first i have to get some pads, crawling on sand was not as harmless as i thought.


Anonymous said...

you should train with the LA Hitmen! They can show you guys the ropes and are known for helping out new teams.

gasjatt said...

LA what? I'm in Penang, Malaysia lah. Go all the way to LA to play paintball??
LA what again?!?