Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Looks - MacDev Clone

Pictures of the new MacDev Clone are out. Although they are only computer generated images, it's still better than no pictures at all. I'm sure the real pics will be posted all over the internet real soon.

From the outside, it looks like the Droid. Without paying attention to the details, it's hard to tell apart a Clone and a Droid. From MacDev's website, it seems that the only improvement over the Droid worth mentioning is the electronics. It now has a USB connector and an OLED screen. No USB rechargeable batteries though, I think it still runs on a 9v like the RX.

It may have a new bolt system and a new reg, but who cares, it still has the same shots per 68ci/4500psi tank. From the looks of it, seems like there won't be much of a difference between the Droid and Clone. I do like the new macroline setup though. The straight macroline setup is a little hard to pull out the macroline.

Top: Clone's bolt system
Bottom: Droid's bolt system

At this moment on MacDev USA online store, the Droid is US$950, whereas the Clone's MSRP is US$1250. No one knows for sure how the new marker will perform, but if it's like what i predicted, it's better to save US$300 and get a Droid.

Monday, September 28, 2009

DerDer Short Bus '08

Hohoho, here is the DerDer Short Bus. DerDer usually include these clips with their paintball DVDs - a series of funny and unfortunate events from tournament ballers. You don't have to be a paintballer to enjoy this video... Enjoy.

3:31 - Double Machine Gun!! lol
4:05 - I've seen this scenario in real life b4... :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easter Egg?

Totties are everywhere!! Recognize this place?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marq Victory Update

The Bob Long Marq Victory has been released for a few months now. As with any other markers on the market, design faults will only surface after putting a lot of paint through the marker.

Since it's release, people have been complaining about leaking ASA and inconsistent FPS over the chronograph. The ASA was an easy fix. According to Bob, the screws holding the ASA will come lose over time. Just re-tighten the screws and everything will be fine. Tightening screws is a standard maintenance procedure for any markers. As for the inconsistent shot, it was due to the material used for the valve seal. The first batch of valve seal was made out of Teflon, which shrinks and expands under different environmental conditions. Even though the deviation was small, it was enough to cause a problem. The initial solution was to stretch the valve spring to increase the amount of force applied on the seal. This method is no longer recommended. Blast has since introduced the Super Charger kit to address the problem.

Top: Super Charger kit
Bottom: Stock bolt system

The Super Charger kit comes with redesigned internals for the bolt system. The Teflon valve seal has been replaced with Delrin. The rammer is made from a stronger material - S7 steel - instead of the previous 6160 stainless steel. The bolt's ram socket was also redesigned to be thicker and deeper, allowing for a more robust build. Newer Victories now all come stock with the Super Charger kit installed.

Another common complain is the short reg. An aftermarket reg is now available for the Victory - the Violent Series Magnum Regulator. It is basically a stock Victory reg, with a longer body. The Violent reg comes with only the outer shell, you'll have to use back the internals of the stock Victory reg. Some think the new reg looks ugly, others think it feels a lot more comfortable. It's all up to personal preference.

The extended reg comes in the same colors as the Victory: dust black, gloss black, gloss silver and gloss red. They are available at Warped Sportz at US$39.95

Source: PBNation & Warped Sportz

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New MacDev Spool-Valve On The Way

MacDev is going to release their new spool-valve at the PSP World Cup in October this year, called the Clone. Previous markers by MacDev - the Droid and Cyborg - are all great shooting markers. Will the Clone be as amazing as well? We'll just have to wait and see...

Question: why name it "Clone"? Sounds a bit stupid and cartoonish. I can't help but to think of the clone army in StarWars. Could it be that the designers at MacDev are fans of the franchise?

Cyborg, Droid, Drone.... and now comes the Clone! What next? Making a bright colored glow-in-the-dark squeegee and calling it 'LightSaber'? lol...

From MacDev's website:
The designers at MacDev are proud to announce the beginning of a new era, with a new spool marker model, this time named Clone.

It has been a long two years since the release of the MacDev new generation spool valve marker - the Droid. During this time, many other companies have released spool valve markers, however to this day, none can match the Droid in terms of speed and air efficiency.

The new Clone will match and exceed the benchmark set by its 2007 counterpart, and will include an updated style, feel and features that represent everything you have come to expect from a premium grade paintball marker.

A prototype of the MacDev Clone is floating around at the Paintball Extravaganza (16th September 2009), and Clones will be on show at the 2009 PSP World Cup in Polk City FL.

Details of the new generation drive and other features will be available on the MacDev website ( closer to the public release at the 2009 PSP World Cup.

The first Clones are expected to ship to customers early November 2009.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dye's New Super Gun!!

The Dye 2010 NT!!
  • Boost Bolt Technology - no more LPR
  • Automatic valve shutoff
  • 130 psi operating pressure
  • 1500 - 1700 SPF per 68ci/4500psi tank
  • Adjustable bolt chamber volume
  • New Ultralite on/off ASA
  • Ultralite Reach trigger
  • Integrated rubber pads for better grip
  • Tool-less rubber grips
  • Tool-less clamping feedneck

I like the sleek new design. Looks so thin, it's almost like a Luxe don't you think. The nicest thing to me is probably the new on/off ASA. The macroline now connects to the front of the ASA, unlike previous models where the macroline is protruding from the side, which is the only thing i don't like about the DM9, tends to poke you in the wrist while shooting.

At only 1.6 lbs as claimed, this marker is ridiculously light. For comparison, the Dangerous Power G3, a marker known for its light weight, is 1.86 lbs.

From the video, it looks like the new clamping feedneck doesn't have the thumb screw anymore. I think it works kinda like Bob Long's, where you rotate the clamping lever to adjust the hold on the loader.

The new bolt system looks very complicated, but small. The backcap looks unique with the 3 allen screws, I wonder what it's for.

According to rumors online, the NT will not replace the DM series. There will still be a DM10. The NT series will be Dye's top-of-the-line luxury marker, much like the Planet Eclipse's SL series.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coconut Jelly

Went for a game of badminton the other day. After that we went to Dato Keramat for some yummy coconut jelly. The place is situated along the busy Dato Keramat road, near the new Penang Times Square, it was not easy finding a nice parking space.

It looks like a regular coconut from the outside, with the husk removed leaving the inner shell. Inside, the meat is still intact, but the coconut water has been replaced with coconut flavoured jelly. The chilled coconut jelly tastes extremely nice, especially since we were so thirsty after playing badminton.

Everything was perfect, except the spoons they provide. Scraping coconut meat through the small opening on top of the shell was difficult with the flimsy plastic spoon, which can be easily broken if not careful.

On a different matter, saw this in QB later that night.... totties!! The driver must have a hard time keeping the car free of dust.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

13th Sept 09

After playing with the same layout for 4 months, finally we get to play on a new layout today. Being covered by the same bunkers for 4 months, there were patches of grass-less land everywhere. And because there are no grass and just plain dirt, last night's rain made the field super muddy, probably the muddiest yet.

Sliding on today's field was like being in a water slide, once you slide you'll go on and on and on and on.... and it was actually quite fun! Crawling in the snake was also super easy. Just lay down with your arms stretched out in front of you, and push with your legs. It's so slippery there was hardly any friction between the arm and the ground.

Playing in the slippery mud has its fun, but afterwards, you'll have to clean up like crazy. Every piece of my stuff was covered in mud, took me more than 3 hours to clean off everything. Surprisingly, my PMR still shoots fine even when it's all covered in mud. The only hiccup is the pellets don't shoot straight because of the wet barrel, other than that there are no problems at all. I'm liking my so-called 'unreliable' marker even more now :)

Dirtiest marker of the day...

Even MoMoTang wants to play paintball...

Notes to self:
  • Move up the field together with your teammates. Don't go solo.
  • If you're already near the 50 but your teammates are still far behind, be patient and guard your lane. Wait for them to catch up before moving up again.
  • Bunkering doesn't mean you have to do a run through everytime. If it's too dangerous to run all the way up, you can always put a few shots on the target and move back behind the bunker for cover.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Napshot is Online!

After so long, Napshot Paintball finally had their website up and running.
Go ahead and pay them a visit at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's the 31st!!.....

...and it's my birthday!!

Thanks to everyone for the midnight surprise... :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raining is bad for paintball...

...your pellets get all soft and sticky, your shots are not consistent, your mask fogs up, the field gets muddy and slippery, and lorries get stuck...

Yup, rain brings trouble when you're paintballing. Last week the field was muddy all over due to several days of rain. In the morning around 10, the lorry that delivers the gas canisters got stuck in the mud. From the morning until the evening, they tried all sorts of ways to get it unstuck - sticking wooden planks under the tire, unloading the canisters to lighten the lorry, pulling the lorry with a 4x4, and then with a bigger lorry - all in vain.

The ground was so soft, the lorry left a 'longkang' of
muddy water wherever it passes...

Finally they had to call in a tractor to pull it out from the mud. Apparently the situation was a serious one for them, cause even their 'boss' (the one with the tie) came along with the tractor to have a look.

"I'm wearing a tie, I have to walk yeng-ly..."

Those lorry drivers are really not environmental friendly. During the long wait for the tractor, they left the engine running for a few hours!! OMG, petrol price now really cheap meh? Tsk tsk tsk...

All the mud, laundry time is going to be tiring...