Sunday, September 13, 2009

13th Sept 09

After playing with the same layout for 4 months, finally we get to play on a new layout today. Being covered by the same bunkers for 4 months, there were patches of grass-less land everywhere. And because there are no grass and just plain dirt, last night's rain made the field super muddy, probably the muddiest yet.

Sliding on today's field was like being in a water slide, once you slide you'll go on and on and on and on.... and it was actually quite fun! Crawling in the snake was also super easy. Just lay down with your arms stretched out in front of you, and push with your legs. It's so slippery there was hardly any friction between the arm and the ground.

Playing in the slippery mud has its fun, but afterwards, you'll have to clean up like crazy. Every piece of my stuff was covered in mud, took me more than 3 hours to clean off everything. Surprisingly, my PMR still shoots fine even when it's all covered in mud. The only hiccup is the pellets don't shoot straight because of the wet barrel, other than that there are no problems at all. I'm liking my so-called 'unreliable' marker even more now :)

Dirtiest marker of the day...

Even MoMoTang wants to play paintball...

Notes to self:
  • Move up the field together with your teammates. Don't go solo.
  • If you're already near the 50 but your teammates are still far behind, be patient and guard your lane. Wait for them to catch up before moving up again.
  • Bunkering doesn't mean you have to do a run through everytime. If it's too dangerous to run all the way up, you can always put a few shots on the target and move back behind the bunker for cover.

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