Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New MacDev Spool-Valve On The Way

MacDev is going to release their new spool-valve at the PSP World Cup in October this year, called the Clone. Previous markers by MacDev - the Droid and Cyborg - are all great shooting markers. Will the Clone be as amazing as well? We'll just have to wait and see...

Question: why name it "Clone"? Sounds a bit stupid and cartoonish. I can't help but to think of the clone army in StarWars. Could it be that the designers at MacDev are fans of the franchise?

Cyborg, Droid, Drone.... and now comes the Clone! What next? Making a bright colored glow-in-the-dark squeegee and calling it 'LightSaber'? lol...

From MacDev's website:
The designers at MacDev are proud to announce the beginning of a new era, with a new spool marker model, this time named Clone.

It has been a long two years since the release of the MacDev new generation spool valve marker - the Droid. During this time, many other companies have released spool valve markers, however to this day, none can match the Droid in terms of speed and air efficiency.

The new Clone will match and exceed the benchmark set by its 2007 counterpart, and will include an updated style, feel and features that represent everything you have come to expect from a premium grade paintball marker.

A prototype of the MacDev Clone is floating around at the Paintball Extravaganza (16th September 2009), and Clones will be on show at the 2009 PSP World Cup in Polk City FL.

Details of the new generation drive and other features will be available on the MacDev website (www.macdev.net) closer to the public release at the 2009 PSP World Cup.

The first Clones are expected to ship to customers early November 2009.

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