Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marq Victory Update

The Bob Long Marq Victory has been released for a few months now. As with any other markers on the market, design faults will only surface after putting a lot of paint through the marker.

Since it's release, people have been complaining about leaking ASA and inconsistent FPS over the chronograph. The ASA was an easy fix. According to Bob, the screws holding the ASA will come lose over time. Just re-tighten the screws and everything will be fine. Tightening screws is a standard maintenance procedure for any markers. As for the inconsistent shot, it was due to the material used for the valve seal. The first batch of valve seal was made out of Teflon, which shrinks and expands under different environmental conditions. Even though the deviation was small, it was enough to cause a problem. The initial solution was to stretch the valve spring to increase the amount of force applied on the seal. This method is no longer recommended. Blast has since introduced the Super Charger kit to address the problem.

Top: Super Charger kit
Bottom: Stock bolt system

The Super Charger kit comes with redesigned internals for the bolt system. The Teflon valve seal has been replaced with Delrin. The rammer is made from a stronger material - S7 steel - instead of the previous 6160 stainless steel. The bolt's ram socket was also redesigned to be thicker and deeper, allowing for a more robust build. Newer Victories now all come stock with the Super Charger kit installed.

Another common complain is the short reg. An aftermarket reg is now available for the Victory - the Violent Series Magnum Regulator. It is basically a stock Victory reg, with a longer body. The Violent reg comes with only the outer shell, you'll have to use back the internals of the stock Victory reg. Some think the new reg looks ugly, others think it feels a lot more comfortable. It's all up to personal preference.

The extended reg comes in the same colors as the Victory: dust black, gloss black, gloss silver and gloss red. They are available at Warped Sportz at US$39.95

Source: PBNation & Warped Sportz

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