Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MY-NPL Kuantan 2009

Leg 3 of the MY-NPL was held in Kuantan Pahang from the 19th to 22th of June. I was there playing for team Infinity in D3.

Where we stayed - Grand Continental Kuantan

The field there was nice and flat, but there were puddles of water on the field from some rain. After a few games, the puddles eventually turned into mud. The dorito side on field 3 was all muddy, and to make things worse, the mud smells!! There was one game i dived into the mud, the Shocker i was using end up all covered in mud and jammed.

Maybe because of the humidity and mud, my PMR's eyes went cacat and i had to use others' markers. On the brigth side, i get to try out the feeling of 3 high-end markers - Cyborg07, DM9, and the 2007 Shocker :)

Day1 was good, we only lost 2 games out of 8 and got fourth in the rankings. The top16 game against Legio-X Hastati on Day2 was still good, we won 2 games to qualify for the quarter finals.


Why is this guy posing next to the filling station? Promoting Dye's jersey? lol

Team Infinity

On day2, we got kena teruk-teruk by Roughnecks. Two of our dorito side player got laned off the break in round1, after that they just picked us off one by one. Round2 we managed to make a come back, even with 2 of our markers going down at different points of the game. On round3, they turned up their firepower and pinned down all of us, making us unable to move. A few mistakes on our side then gave them the upper hand. We lost.

All exhausted and down after losing...

Unreliable PMR...

Even though we lost, it was still an enjoyable event. Among all the other tournaments we've played, i think we had the most teamwork going on in this event, a big thank you to Shion for his guidance. For the results, go to MY-NPL's official site.

We also get the chance to taste the most delicious satay ever! Their satays come in all sorts of flavours - ayam , daging, perut lembu, kambing, and even arnab!

They have 5 long satay barbeque pits to cope with the high demand...

...and a special 'walk-through' counter just for take-away customers


Ayam and Kambing

Mee Bakso, never heard b4, but the sauce that came with it was super nice...

It's the South China Sea!! Waves are bigger than Penang's.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smart Parts Impulse 2009 Intro Video

Finally, a video of the new Smart Parts Impulse has been made, and i mean a real video with the real marker. The video is taken from BuyPBL-Paintball.com. Enjoy...

PS - The video player might be slow to load. Be patient, it's worth it...

This is another video taken in Bitburg Germany, probably in Smart Parts' booth.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Everywhere's Got Talent

I've been listening to this guy for the last few days, his voice is so keat! I hadn't been following this year's season of American Idol (actually i haven't followed any season of the show), but after reading about this Adam Lambert guy everywhere - in the newspaper, on the internet, on radio - i've decided to check him out on YouTube, and boy was he good....

Listen for yourself.

I love this performance the most, Adam performing Mad World. Check out his facial expression.

A clearer studio version

While looking for more Adam's video, i stumbled upon another reality show talent - Susan Boyle from Scotland.

3:20 - Priceless Simon Cowell moment, lol...

Her face is like the bansan auntie, but her voice is another story. Imagine the bansan auntie you see at the market suddenly sing like this.... OMG, siao ki.

So many talented people waiting to be discovered...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got my jersey liao!!

Finally bought myself a jersey, got it from KCHL. Initially i was waiting for the team jersey - the Planet Eclipse 2009 - to arrive, but i need one by this weekend for MY-NPL Kuantan, plus i was offered a very good deal on the Proto 2008.

IMO, the 2008 edition is the yeng-est among all Proto jerseys. I like the shoulder padding with grey stripes on it. Although it comes with thumb loops, I'll have to play without using them cause the sleeves are too short for me, even for an XL.

Haven't tried it on the field yet, hopefully it'll serve me well in Kuantan... :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

14th June

The field was low on paint and gas supply, each of us only get to shoot so few pellets, all with below 2000psi in our tanks.

Learnt one important thing today - the dives you see so often done by the pros are not for yeng-ness, it's actually very useful in staying alive! I'm still a lousy diver - hitting my loader on the ground and break paint, getting my barrel stuck in the ground, landing in awkward positions.... really need to work on dives after coming back from Kuantan.

Notes to self:
  • Dive into hard-to-get-to bunkers to avoid getting shot. Don't hesitate when diving, just do it!
  • Wrap the bunker and put your opponents in before proceeding to the next bunker, you'll have a higher possibility of making it alive.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

13th June

It's been more than a month I haven't went for paintball on Saturdays. This morning felt so lazy to go, no mood. But Captain wants us all to attend because My-NPL is just a week away. I'm glad i went because Jeff from X-Pursuit was there, and boy was he fast...

Learned from him to be more relaxed in a game. I dont mean lenggang-lenggang on the field, but to stay focus and never panic. 1st and 2nd game, the 5 of us NPL-bound players played against Shion, Jeff, and Vincent, 5on3. With the X-Pursuit players working as a team, it's hard to beat them. We lost both games. They really proved that the tables can still be turned even if the team is down on bodies, the key is to communicate, work as a team and S-Y-N-C-H-R-O-N-I-S-E!!

Changed the field layout to Field 3 of My-NPL Kuantan under the hot afternoon sun. An hour into it and I was already so exhausted and thirsty, but Jeff the Polis was still hard at work, hardly seem tired, really 不简单。。。

I got two blisters on my hand from hammering the bunkers, big and round. Can't show any pics cause my phone is rosak :(

Will have to buy a new phone soon... any recommendations?

Notes to self:
  • Relax and don't panic, keep calm and do what you have to do. Instead of feeling all tensed, just enjoy the game :)
  • Work with your snakeman, don't rush up alone, you'll only hurt the team by ending up getting shot. SYNCHRONIZE!!
  • Talk to your teammates. Even if you can't see anything in front of you and have no idea where your opponents are, talk back by repeating what your teammates shouted so they'll know you've heard them and are still alive.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Marq Victory Photoshopped

Saw these on PBNation. Some guy PS-anodized these Marq Victories. Previously I thought the Victory was not so nice looking compared to other high-end markers, but after going through these pics I'm actually starting to see their beauty. Nice...