Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MY-NPL Kuantan 2009

Leg 3 of the MY-NPL was held in Kuantan Pahang from the 19th to 22th of June. I was there playing for team Infinity in D3.

Where we stayed - Grand Continental Kuantan

The field there was nice and flat, but there were puddles of water on the field from some rain. After a few games, the puddles eventually turned into mud. The dorito side on field 3 was all muddy, and to make things worse, the mud smells!! There was one game i dived into the mud, the Shocker i was using end up all covered in mud and jammed.

Maybe because of the humidity and mud, my PMR's eyes went cacat and i had to use others' markers. On the brigth side, i get to try out the feeling of 3 high-end markers - Cyborg07, DM9, and the 2007 Shocker :)

Day1 was good, we only lost 2 games out of 8 and got fourth in the rankings. The top16 game against Legio-X Hastati on Day2 was still good, we won 2 games to qualify for the quarter finals.


Why is this guy posing next to the filling station? Promoting Dye's jersey? lol

Team Infinity

On day2, we got kena teruk-teruk by Roughnecks. Two of our dorito side player got laned off the break in round1, after that they just picked us off one by one. Round2 we managed to make a come back, even with 2 of our markers going down at different points of the game. On round3, they turned up their firepower and pinned down all of us, making us unable to move. A few mistakes on our side then gave them the upper hand. We lost.

All exhausted and down after losing...

Unreliable PMR...

Even though we lost, it was still an enjoyable event. Among all the other tournaments we've played, i think we had the most teamwork going on in this event, a big thank you to Shion for his guidance. For the results, go to MY-NPL's official site.

We also get the chance to taste the most delicious satay ever! Their satays come in all sorts of flavours - ayam , daging, perut lembu, kambing, and even arnab!

They have 5 long satay barbeque pits to cope with the high demand...

...and a special 'walk-through' counter just for take-away customers


Ayam and Kambing

Mee Bakso, never heard b4, but the sauce that came with it was super nice...

It's the South China Sea!! Waves are bigger than Penang's.

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