Friday, July 3, 2009


In case you're wondering what does the title mean, it's the sound we make for simulating a marker shooting, lol...

Why this title then? Because i'm going to write about the markers i shot in MY-NPL Kuantan 2009!!

First one i shot is my humble PMR SE...

My Proto PMR SE

This marker has been working fine all this while, but during the event, the eyes suddenly went cacat. Sometimes balls can be detected, other times the LED just blinked indicating blocked eyes. Might be due to the humidity, the field was located near the beach, with a big lake nearby, and it was raining the night before. It is working fine again after i came back to Penang. I guess i could have shot it with the eyes off, but i did not want to risk breaking paint.

Used MeiLin's DM9 for one game after putting down my PMR. Actually it was KK's, he borrowed MeiLin his marker for the tournament.

The Dye Matrix 2009

The UL frame felt so small in my hands, so nice to hold. But I didn't like the sound signature. It sounded like two metal parts inside the marker was knocking against each other. It's not a poppet, so there's no rammer hitting against the valve. I couldn't understand why it's making such a sound. It shot great nonetheless.

Next was the 07 Cyborg.

MacDev Cyborg 2007

This is the exact marker on display during the Inti Paintball Recruitment Roadshow. I haven't played with a poppet-valve before, this was my first. The main thing I noticed was the kick. Before this I never really understand what is meant by the 'kick' of a marker, now I know. Shooting one shot at a time was ok, but once I started walking the trigger, the marker automatically 'floats' up, aiming higher than intended. It's like playing Counter-Strike, holding down the mouse button will cause your crosshair to rise. The marker shot amazingly straight. It may be louder and has more kick, but it shoots ropes! One line! One super-straight line! One small complain from me - holding the marker was a bit awkward as i'm used to carry markers by the the back of the body (the snatch grip), the 07 cyborg has a short back, making it a bit hard to hold.

MeiLin's Shocker was next. It's a private label 07 Strange Shocker with an aftermarket reg.

Smart Parts Strange Shocker

One word to describe it - heavy. There were a few times in the game where the eyes were unable to detect anything. Later on I found out that the bolt was a little too far back in the breach, the balls would roll back past the eyes. The fill nipple on the tank was sticking out and poking my wrist while shooting, and because it uses a max-flo system, the tank is fixed onto the marker so i can't really do anything about it. It was the most uncomfortable marker to hold. The trigger was good though, comfortable and fast.

Our last game for the tournament, I played using Cal's 09 PMR, camo in color.

Proto PMR 2009

The 09 PMR felt almost like the DM9, same sound signature, same UL frame, it shot almost like the DM9 too. I can't really tell the difference between the two markers, maybe it's because i've only played with it for one game. It felt more comfortable than my PMR SE, but i did not like the sound signature.

Among all the markers mentioned above, the DM9 is the best. Although the Cyborg shoots really straight, the kick is too much for me. But that's just my opinion, i'm not used to shooting poppets in the first place. Maybe i should try the Marq, people say it has the advantages of a poppet but with the feel of a spool, hmmm....

I was going to use the Etek2 we brought as backup, but the backup gun was not working also. Tried shooting the Etek2 after coming back from Kuantan. It has the same kick as the Cyborg, tak sedap...

Planet Eclipse Etek2

Hopefully the next marker i'll be shooting is...

The Bob Long Marq Victory!!

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