Tuesday, July 21, 2009

19th July

The grass has gone to almost knee-high on some parts of the field, luckily a new guy came to work, finally there's someone to help cut the grass :)

There were a large group of people that day. Even though some of my teammates didn't show up, we still had a lot of other players to play with.

I finally played the snake after more than 2 months of avoiding it after i injured my shoulder. No one wanted to play the snake so i volunteered. Tried out my new diving technique, went in nice and easy, without any damage to myself or my equipments! Woohoo! Finally i got it right...

My PMR's battery harness broke, had to replace a new one. After putting the gun back, the eyes ki siao again. I stuck my fingers down the feedneck and press against the eyes and they became fine. I released my fingers and the eyes went cacat again. Thinking of upgrading the stupid eyes soon. Maybe i should change a new board as well, together with an Ultralite frame, maybe a new barrel, or a new bolt, and add in an on/off ASA...

The list goes on and on...

Notes to self:
  • Try to have an overall picture of the game when playing. Keep looking around and listening to others. Be alert of every players' movements, both teammates and opponents.
  • When you are the only one left, do not panic, play your usual game and keep focused.

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