Sunday, June 14, 2009

14th June

The field was low on paint and gas supply, each of us only get to shoot so few pellets, all with below 2000psi in our tanks.

Learnt one important thing today - the dives you see so often done by the pros are not for yeng-ness, it's actually very useful in staying alive! I'm still a lousy diver - hitting my loader on the ground and break paint, getting my barrel stuck in the ground, landing in awkward positions.... really need to work on dives after coming back from Kuantan.

Notes to self:
  • Dive into hard-to-get-to bunkers to avoid getting shot. Don't hesitate when diving, just do it!
  • Wrap the bunker and put your opponents in before proceeding to the next bunker, you'll have a higher possibility of making it alive.

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