Saturday, June 20, 2009

Everywhere's Got Talent

I've been listening to this guy for the last few days, his voice is so keat! I hadn't been following this year's season of American Idol (actually i haven't followed any season of the show), but after reading about this Adam Lambert guy everywhere - in the newspaper, on the internet, on radio - i've decided to check him out on YouTube, and boy was he good....

Listen for yourself.

I love this performance the most, Adam performing Mad World. Check out his facial expression.

A clearer studio version

While looking for more Adam's video, i stumbled upon another reality show talent - Susan Boyle from Scotland.

3:20 - Priceless Simon Cowell moment, lol...

Her face is like the bansan auntie, but her voice is another story. Imagine the bansan auntie you see at the market suddenly sing like this.... OMG, siao ki.

So many talented people waiting to be discovered...

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