Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diehard 5.0

News bulletin!! Diehard 5.0 just released!! The story goes something like this...

" Somewhere in Penang in some college, a hacker is stealing people's identities. Invisible and untraceable, using lab computers as his tools for destruction, he threatens to disrupt the fragile infrastructure of the internet community. Unsuspecting students slowly fall into his hands, one by one, byte by byte, bit by bit. Victims find themselves losing their sense of belonging, no longer in control of what they do and who they are. Chaos ensues...

Only one man is up to his league, strong enough to take him on. Only one man can restore order to this world. Only in one man we find hope. The students are crying out for his name...PAUL C.!!!

Can our hero live up to his name? Will everything fall into pieces? Find it out at a computer lab near you... "

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