Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Sherlock Holmes

They really changed the look of Sherlock Holmes.

The image I had of the man was totally different from the movie version:

He doesn't fight.
He carries around a magnifying glass.
He wears a weird hat and coat.
He is very tidy and highly organized.
He treats Dr Watson nicely.

But in the movie, he doesn't have a magnifying glass, his room is a mess, he annoys Dr Watson, and he fights like a seasoned pro.

Like I said in one of my previous post, I like a movie that makes you think, even after the show has ended. Sherlock Holmes fitted this criteria well.

Throughout the film, clues after clues were presented to the viewer, all of which seem to be connected, yet impossible to fit together. Every little detail the characters do is part of the puzzle. I felt an information overload, too many clues to process. But fret not because in the end, the clues are all brilliantly put together and explained. So sit back, enjoy the movie, and try not to think too hard to solve the mystery yourself.

Overall, this movie is quite entertaining, highly recommended.

I don't understand one thing though. The bad guy said he needed Holmes's help later to complete his evil plan. What exactly did he want Holmes to do? He said Holmes is essential in his master plan, but later tries to blow him to smithereens at the pier?

A big question mark.

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