Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year New Sponsors

From what I've read from the internet these few weeks, I've come to realize that the infrastructure of any paintball team is never permanent.

From 2009 to 2010, several pro teams are seeing changes in their team's infrastructure.

LA Infamous and SD Aftermath have combined to become one team, known as LA Infamous. In 2009 Aftermath was sponsored by Luxe for their markers, and Infamous by Planet Eclipse. After the merger they'll be using Bob Longs. (FYI, Infamous originally shot Timmys before being sponsored by Planet Eclipse.) Can't wait to see the Infamous Victory...

The Bob Long 2006 Infamous Intimidator.
They're already using an LCD screen back then!!

Last year's PSP champ, the Russian Legion, have changed sponsors for the new season too. They're no longer with Bob Long, and will be using MacDev markers this season.

Dynasty also have changed their marker sponsorship. They a Smart Parts sponsored team for a long time, but since Smart Parts are now having trouble holding their own, they've switched over to Planet Eclipse. Get ready to see Dynasty private label Egos and Geos soon...

Dynasty is now E-mortal!!

The two new pro teams moving up from semi-pro - Vicious and World Famous Entourage (formerly known as Dynasty Entourage) - will also see some changes in sponsorship. Vicious will now have a 'proper' jersey by Empire, and Entourage will be shooting private label Marq Victories.

Greg Pauley of team Vicious with their new Empire jersey.

XSV will also be changing gun sponsors for 2010. They have been using Egos since 2005, when the first ever Ego came out. After being with PE for so long, they've finally switched. They will be shooting the new 2010 Alien Independence for next season. Rich Telford and Junior Brown tested the markers before closing the deal, and it seems that they were very happy with how it performed.

Last but not least, a new team will be shooting Azodin markers!! Yes you read that right, Azodin!! I'm not giving out any details just yet, you all will have to wait to find out... :)

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